Several of you asked for some of our Family Faves for quick weeknight recipes….and I’m happy to share them with you!!! If you ever want to know something… just ask!!! I’m an open book.  And if something I know can help you or save you a step…I’m all about it!!!! These are great especially if […]

I know so many of you were shouting very loud Amens and Praise God yesterday morning!!!!  I was a teacher for 7 years so I remember the looks on the mamas’ faces as they shoved their sweet little ones into my door on the first day of school….with barely a wave and a kiss that […]

Raising a Business While Raising a Family… It is hard work!  I have the added blessing (stress) of being a military spouse…so I’m often running a single parent household.  But I have encouraging words for you:  You’ve Got This!!!  Being a #Momboss is such a blessing because I get to follow a dream, build a […]

As I pondered the topic of my FIRST blog post, I realized it had to celebrate the love of my life. We will celebrate 20 years of marriage in 10 days. He is the catalyst for me being able to make this dream of mine come true….actually, he’s helped me make many of my dreams […]

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