Listen, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we’ve gotta call our own shots.

Like you were just meant for more, if someone would just give you a stinkin’ shot?

Have you ever felt that way?

Why? Because we were just going to move in another couple of years.

I was overqualified and undervalued because of circumstances I couldn’t control.

I’ve been there, friend. Too many times to count.

In fact, my first business adventure was a happy accident that all started after we moved… AGAIN.

As a military spouse, I’m used to picking our lives up at a moment’s notice and setting it down in a brand new place. But, after I built my teaching career and earned my masters of education in South Carolina, we moved to Hawaii…

… and I couldn’t get a teaching job.


Why don’t you just create it?

Do you feel like you can’t find where you belong?

Even more than that, it’s allowed me to be present in all the seasons, no matter the ebb and flow life throws at us.

Rooted in intention and purpose, I’ve built a business that fills my soul and works for my family.

My family. My why. My faith. 

(And, if I’m being honest, a WHOLE lotta coffee for those hot mess express days!)

My husband has served in the US Marine Corps for over 28 years and we have three girlies...well ok, they are all young ladies now...but they will always be my girlies. And they have been my biggest WHY!! As a family that has endured 12 moves and 2 tours in Afghanistan….I have maintained my focus on the fact that my business needed to serve my family well.

Over the years, I fell in love with photography and with being an entrepreneur.

You know what kept me going?

My journey to a career on my own terms started with my husband Kevin saying,
“Why don’t you take your fancy camera and start your own business?”

So, I did.

I’m cheering for you, always!

I help my business-owning friends tell their story and share their why through brand photography

I help my portrait clients by documenting special times and once in a lifetime moments.

I help my Young Living team support their bodies with amazing products and build businesses that support their dreams of financial freedom.

And, I can’t wait to help you with whatever you need. 

I’m passionate about helping you create your own place so that you can build a business and a life that will weather the seasons of life.

Here’s the thing. I’m passionate about helping you step into your passion.

whether that’s a senior fired up about closing one chapter and beginning a brand new one, or a business owner who was clearly made to serve with their God-given talents - freezing those meaningful moments in a person’s life is what lights me on fire.

I love being able to capture what lights people on fire -

For me, my business has always been more about the people than the craft. 

I'm looking for senior or portrait photography.


I'M LOOKING FOR Brand Photography.

Where should we go next, friend?