You’ve tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together. It feels like you've tried everything to grow this thing you love...

• You've crafted offers and grown to a point but still can't get  past the struggles of business ownership? 

• The back end parts of your business feel so time consuming that you avoid them at all cost...which just makes you feel more disconnected and full of self-doubt?

• Comparison to others in your industry and not fully understanding how to manage your time, bring in more clients, price yourself correctly, or have the "time freedom" that you see  entrepreneurs talk about wearing you out and it's making you want to give up?

That's why we're here. 

Hey friend... you tired? Things in your business feeling heavy? Is growth feeling too far away to talk about?

Sounds like a dream, right? 
 It's NOT!
And we have just the space for you! 

Imagine feeling free enough in your work that you could pivot on a dime,  bring in new offers with fluidity, and have your customers adapt to the time frames that work for YOU instead of feeling like you're on a hamster wheel that never allows for rest?

What if working on your taxes, contracts, and all the back end things that normally make your palms sweat every month didn't feel hard? How much more time would you be able to spend booking new clients if you didn't have to waste time with that stress? 

Imagine never having to second guess yourself when a potential client questions your pricing? Imagine being so concrete on when to raise your prices and knowing exactly how you SERVE so you never have to doubt a sale again...

Picture how it will feel to finally walk in confidence and understand WHY you run your business the way you do...

Corry has spent the last 14 years running a wildly successful senior and branding photography studio, educating creative entrepreneurs through speaking engagements, and coaching new photographers on how to uplevel their offers while claiming their place in the industry! 

Melissa has spent the last 16 years investing in couples, families, and businesses as a photographer, speaking at events, educating creative entrepreneurs, and  coaching female founders to run their businesses with confidence and joy! 

In January of 2021 with the pandemic flaring and our businesses changing shape, we noticed a lot of our fellow creatives closing their doors. Business was hard and it felt like those who were left with doors still open were trying to figure out how to pivot and make a "new normal"  fit into their old plans. We believe if you can fall in love with the BUSINESS of your business, you can thrive no matter what because fear will diminish, flexibility will be present, and you will be able to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking. The goal is FREEDOM in your business...and we know exactly how to help you find it! 

Our story...

A little more about us...

  • sang national anthem on a showtime event in college
  • Has run 2 half marathons
  • Started a business without having equipment
  • is a sauce person--likes all the dipping sauces for everything
  • has never created a business that didn't create an income
  • Still remembers her childhood phone number and can memorize song lyrics in a flash!!!
  • Traveled to tokyo alone for a tech conference for dept of defense educators in 2001
  • Has moved 12 times in 27 years of marriage
  • grew two humans at a time...hi, I'm a twin mom
  • Never met a bowl of chips & salsa I didn't like

only 10 seats available! 

We are ready to pull back the curtains on our businesses to help you up-level yours! This all inclusive retreat in the Holy City is where you are surrounded by coaches to help you refine your offers, create new ones, work ON your business (not just IN your business), goal set, and find the freedom of success that will keep you motivated and thriving as a CEO! Come ready to learn, rest, and walk away filled to the brim! 

The Business Reboot Retreat
Charleston, SC.
Sept. 18-22, 2022

We offered this retreat in January of 2022 and the road blocks came crumbling down for everyone there! After two years of uncertainty, distance, and overwhelmingly difficult times for creative entrepreneurs, we wanted to offer a new way to learn.  

This retreat is an extension of hands set to remind creatives that the work they do is VITALLY important. We wanted to wipe away uncertainty and exchange wavering faith in business for solid, concrete footers for every woman we encountered. We wanted it to be really personal and lovely so  we've done just that! 

There is magic in the walls of a place filled with support and encouragement...

What makes this retreat special?

• Properly price your offerings so that you don't ever feel pressured to discount or fear questions from potential clients again! 

• Navigate contracts, taxes, licenses, and all of the back end protocols that can make a small business owner breathe into a paper bag! 

• Structure your systems and workflow so that you build in time to actually live the life you are working so hard to create. 

• Use social media to nurture your clients and tell your story without fear.

• Grow in confidence for how you serve your people and learn how to take them on a client experience journey that will turn transactions into relationships.

• Build community with like-minded  women who will rally in support of YOUR successes and provide a sounding board long after the retreat is over! 

You'll learn how to:

But you just...write it off! Haha!  One thing we are really good at is helping reverse engineer numbers to help you figure out exactly how to make it happen!  The truth is, you can't afford to keep feeling stuck or directionless, friend. We offer payment options and want this to work for YOU so that you finish the year strong and walk into 2023 ready to take action and make moves that light you up! 

*Im not sure I can afford it

Girl, the devil is a lie! But in all seriousness, there is ALWAYS more to learn! Business the way it's always been done is changing and we are going to help you dig into new ways to generate revenue, streamline what you currently offer, and leave feeling reinvigorated to  continue blessing the world with your gifts! 

*I'm not a newbie, I probably won't learn anything new

Not true. The best time to start is right now. If we had the proper tools and support when we first started our businesses, we would have saved ourselves a lot of stress and walked in the freedom of our businesses much sooner! 

*i'm not established enough

You can do this (we promise!) - even if you’re thinking…

• One on one coaching from Corry & Melissa + social media audits by the one and only Ashleigh Henry

*3.5 days jam packed full of content with guest speakers and time to work ON your business

• A workbook full of notes and work pages to use as a continuous resource once the retreat is over

• New headshots to use for your website & social platforms

• Almost all meals, tons of snacks and drinks, and a little swag to make the week just perfect and cozy! 

At this retreat you can expect to receive...

If you have ever wondered, "How long will this last?" about your business or your offerings, we have JUST the answers for you! With over a decade and a half EACH of experience, we are going to tell you the 4 pillars we stand by to build for longevity! 

We have a recorded master class that is your gift, just for stopping by and we can't wait to help YOU build a longstanding, sustainable business, that grows WITH you! 

 Built for the long run,
Creating a business that never gets old!

Stacie H. 

" I could list 100 things as my biggest take away. But it all boils down to confidence! I received a huge amount of confidence in being able to move forward in all areas of my business. From pricing to social media content creation, financial organization. Knowing that I am taking the right steps in the right direction to grow my business and having a second set of eyes and thumbs up to tell me I’m doing it correctly gave me a whole new level of confidence to move forward.  experience…plan, prepare, save, sell just get yourself there! The content, coaching and encouragement dished out at this event will launch your business to the next level. Unplug, learn, connect and create."

Here is what past attendees are saying! 

Maggie A. 

"Don't think twice about signing up. I mean it. Just do it! The Business Reboot was hands down THE best investment in my business, and myself as a professional/creative, that I could have ever made. From beginning to end it was everything I needed and more.These big goals that I once thought were far too crazy for me to ever achieve have now been reverse engineered and we have a plan to accomplish them...Walking away from the retreat, I can with 100% certainty say that my heart has never felt more alive and passionate about this business. In a month, I've made approximately 25% of what I made in all of 2021!"

Lauren M. 

"Corry & Melissa were just as amazing to work with as I thought they would be!! Haha, I had several takeaways from the retreat but the biggest was the reminder of how amazing community is and where I want to take my business. I didn't want it to end & I'm so grateful for the time spent there. I hope to have made some lifelong friends, all the ladies there were so amazing and a blessing to have in my life! Seriously I cannot say enough good things about this retreat it was worth EVERY penny, I would take the leap of faith again in a heartbeat. Such an incredible investment and well worth it!"

Well then get ready to make some friends, sis! We are all here to support each other and we know you are going to leave feeling connected, encouraged, and full! 

What if I come alone and don't know anyone?

The deposit is $500 and the balance is spread out over 2 or 4 payments, you get to choose! If you want us to help you reverse engineer getting there, just email us and we are happy to help! 

I don't have all of the money just yet, what is the deposit?

Yep! We have 5 spots for in the house and they all have multiple beds and ample space! Bring your friends...we'd love that! 

What if I want to bring a friend, can we share a room?

Nope! On site or off site, the experience will be the same! We end sessions and everyone heads back to their spaces. We open the doors at the same time every day too. We simply wanted to offer options for ladies who want to have their own space for the week! 

Is there a benefit to staying on site that we need to know?

We DO offer a payment plan! We offer a deposit down with the balance broken into 2 or 4 additional payments. All balances are due by August 15th. For any additional questions about our payment options, feel free to contact us at

What about a payment plan? Is it all due at once?

This retreat is in person only. We have realized that the magic comes when everyone has each other as a resource too. If you have questions or concerns about being in person, our covid protocols, or want to gather more information about the meeting space,  please let us know so we can help! 

Is the retreat in person or virtual?

Frequently Asked Questions

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