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Empowering people to see their inner beauty...
wife, mom, daughter, sister,
friend,photographer,educator, mentor...Storyteller

Photographer | Educator | Military Spouse

Located on The Coast of NC

...but I LOVE to travel

 I LOVE working with small business owners because I know how imperative professional marketing images are for their business to not just survive, but thrive! 

I also LOVE Senior Portrait Photography because I am a mom to three teenagers. These days are flying by...& I understand how important it is to capture who they are during this exciting time in their life!

As a former teacher, I love to educate my clients on how we style the perfect outfit, find golden lighting, & pose so we look our best. Watching someone stand a little taller, smile a little brighter, and KNOW THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL because of the images we create together is the BEST!! This is YOUR YEAR!!  

I'm a full service boutique photography studio, specializing in portrait photography. The experience I offer is unlike any other photography studio in Eastern NC.

I am blessed to LOVE what I do!!  


Meet Corry


I LOVE to travel!  We've lived in SC, Japan, AZ, Hawaii, & NC.  We've driven cross country 4 times & flown across the Pacific Ocean 12 times.  Yes, I LOVE an adventure! 

to travel

Cupcakes are the PERFECT treat!  They are just the right size to satisfy a sweet tooth. 


Molly is our old sassy girl. She's my business partner, constant companion, & bacon thief.


Being their wife & mom is my FAVORITE role! 

my loves

With the salty air & my toes in the sand...the beach is my favorite place to be. So blessed to live by the sea!  

The Beach

                                          Portrait Clients: 

Creating beautiful portraits for my clients that tell their story and share their WHY is my PASSION!

My Portrait sessions are carefree and fun! We unleash your personality and truly capture this special time in your life!! 

You may be a high school Senior, a college student, a family, or a couple in love...I work closely with each client to make sure we create a vision for celebrating this special moment.  

I love that my clients trust me to preserve their memories and help build their family's legacy.  These are often once in a lifetime moments and you deserve to have someone that will love you like family!!  You're never just a become part of the CFP family.  

it's all about

the details

                                        Personal Brand Clients:

Entrepreneurs and Influencers like yourself need to share who you are with your audience. This is why Personal Brand Photography is imperative to your business's success. Your Social Media platforms and building a strong online presence should be a priority.  

I can help you share your unique story through beautiful imagery and provide you with visual branding content for your social media outlets.

The essence of who you are & the story of your brand will resonate with customers. Your potential clients will feel like they know you....and want to work with you!
Remember, it's more than just a head shot! 



Personal Branding

Invest in Your Brand with authentic photography that tells your story. Those who are standing out are the ones who tell their stories and share who they are with their viewers. With over 500 million users on Instagram and over 2 Billion on HAVE to find a way to stand out from the crowd. I can help you...


These are ONCE IN A LIFETIME PORTRAITS!  Celebrate how hard you've worked, how much you love YOUR PEOPLE, or how excited you are about the upcoming adventures in your life with beautiful Senior or Lifestyle Portraits.  Capture all the memories! 



This is more than a Head Shot!!! 

Personal Branding Photography is telling your story through authentic imagery.  I listen to the details of your story, so I can truly understand your business and your brand.

I strive to understand and capture the essence of your values.  We all know that we buy from people that we Know, Like, & Trust!!

How It Works:
We will set up a meeting (in person or virtually) to discuss your brand and your vision. I will help you curate and plan out several stories that we will photograph during your session.  

These could include: Behind the Scenes of you working, you being a mom w/ your family, you enjoying a fancy lunch (God Bless those of you who have fancy lunches in your life), you enjoying your fave outdoor activity, Your BEAUTIFUL self smiling for the camera, etc.

it's all about

Personal Branding

I can travel to you or you can travel to me...I live on the coast of NC...hello Outer Banks' Beaches!! 

We'll arrange professional hair and makeup to help you feel your best.   We'll also help you decide which outfits go with each story location.   

You'll have amazing images that are authentically you for your website, social media outlets, your blog, and any launches you have planned for the year.  

In fact, we can create enough images to give you months worth of images for your content!!  

Who wants to use the SAME image in every Facebook Ad, Instagram post, or product launch!?!?  Not you!!  So we'll work together to plan out beautiful image content that will benefit you for months!  

It's always a GREAT time in your life to schedule a professional portrait session.  

You might consider these times in your life when portraits are very important:

Senior Portraits
Big Family Milestones
Engagement Portraits
Save the Dates
Bridal Portraits
Maternity Portraits

Celebrate these times with your own personal portrait session! 

it's all about

the portraits

When you book a portrait session with me, we'll discuss styling, the location, and some packages even include hair and makeup. 

After your amazing portrait session, we'll set up a complimentary ordering meeting where I'll help you choose your favorites that we'll use to create GORGEOUS custom artwork for your home. 

I LOVE my portrait clients!!  It's always such an honor to be a part of their important milestones... 

I LOVE sharing what I've learned about photography and business with's the teacher in me.  I've worked for the Department of Defense and various states as an educator and even attended the Henry Ford Learning Institute for in depth training in Design Thinking. 

I'm now excited to share my photography and business knowledge with other Creatives!  I've been in business since 2008 when I began my photography business on the beaches of Hawaii.  In 2011, I transitioned and replanted my business to coastal NC.  I've been a Military Spouse for 24 years and I'm excited to help others create career paths that they are passionate about too!   

We now have consultations for photography or for business!!  I like to call these "Coffee Chats"...because it'll be like we are meeting over coffee (virtually) while we discuss where you are in business, your goals, and your roadblocks.

We will create a strategy plan that will help you grow in the direction you'd like to go.

These are 30 minute consultations booked through the link below.  For $97, you'll get my eyes on your dream, your business, and your goals!!  Let's do this!!   

book a Consultation with  Corry


To the shop...

We have been blessed to travel to some of the most beautiful places around the world. We've lived in the lowcountry of South Carolina, mainland Japan, the desert Southwest, Hawaii, and now at the southern tip of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Along the way, we've photographed gorgeous landscapes and breathtaking views.  The Journey Print Shop was created so that we could share them with you!!  Please take your time and enjoy the view...

The Print Shop

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"A Personal Branding Photoshoot was the best decision I could have ever made for my growing business. I cannot imagine my social media feeds and website without the branded photos Corry captured. Corry is efficient, professional, and we have the best time- plus she makes my headshots look like a dream! I still to this day use photos from our first photoshoot- 2 years ago! The photos are fresh and continue to acquire the most engagement on social media- yes, I am still filtering branded photos into my feeds from years ago...that's how good they are! Corry and I have partnered several times and I cannot imagine my business without her personal touch!"

~Charlotte Staton, Charlotte Staton Design

“Working with Corry on my branding shoot was such a blast. I was so nervous in the days leading up to it, worrying about everything being PERFECT! Corry was able to put me at ease and make the day go so smoothly that I forgot about everything I was stressed about. To top it off, the images turned out beautifully and having such a depth of amazing images made building my website and online presence so much easier.” 

~Julia Sampsel, The Simplified House

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