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Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

Do you flip through home design magazines or scroll on Pinterest and think “Gosh I totally wish I could have a new look for my dining room (or bathroom or bedroom or den)”? Did you ever create an idea binder that you’d fill with magazine clippings that channeled all those ideas…oh wait, that was before the days of Pinterest!! hahahahaha

I LOVE to change up the decor in our home. We’ve moved so many times and I’ve redecorated so often that I think I just get that itch. So instead of saying it’s time to move…I just change up my home decor with the seasons a little. So this weekend I did a little redesign to create a dining room summer table.

The fall and holidays are easy…and then the New Year when everything gets up away and the house is freshly cleaned up…it feels good to not have out too much.

But then when the spring rolls around, I feel the need for flowers and outdoorsy stuff. We also begin to have people over more for cookouts and hanging out on the porch…well that was until this year’s pandemic…but I’m sure as summer arrives, we will get back to meeting up with people in person again. (prayerfully).

I will say though that I definitely have to be in the mood to do these types of projects. And when the mood strikes, I jump in with both feet!!! hahaha

When the mood strikes…

So this Sunday, the mood struck and I decided it was time for a little dining room refresh. I needed to bring in the looks of summer!!! But here’s the thing, I haven’t done much shopping for decor stuff since we’ve not been out much and my mood wasn’t going to wait for online ordering to arrive. hahahah. When I get a bee in my bonnet…I have to move quickly.

I looked around the house for things that we already had that I could mix together for a fresh, new look.

Hobby Lobby had some really cool chargers on sale but then I remembered that I had purchased some burlap ones a few years back, so I dug those out. (do you ever see things and think…wait, I have those…somewhere?!?!)

burlap ribbon, DIY projects

Then I grabbed our wooden plates from Hawaii out of the cabinet and my dark green Christmas napkins…pulled the red bows off of those and added some burlap ribbon. I then pulled the galvanized vase and sea grass from the office and the playroom and stuck them in metal boot tray from Joanna Gaines with some big sea shells we’ve collected over the years…

I also pulled out my Grandmother Cress’s vintage green glasses and added those to the table. Makes me smile every time I walk by.

summer table

New Summer Look For Dining Table:

And VOILA….a NEW DINING ROOM SUMMER TABLE LOOK!!!!! That cost me NOTHING!!!!!! Now that’s the way I like to decorate on a budget. By using things I already had, I was able to turn out a completely new look for the season. #militaryspouse #familyonabudget

DIY Dining Room Decor
Summer Dining Table Decor

I’d love to know your thoughts on the look and if you create your own, tag me on instagram or facebook.



Dining Room Summer Table: Creating Looks on a Budget

DIY Project

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