We all know that we should be posting on our social media platforms at least twice a day (according to the new algorithm) it used to be more…but right now it seems two is the sweet spot.   We are busy creating, posting, and doing ALL THE THINGS!!!!  But we need to take time […]

Thank you for sharing this on facebook @therustycrownmobileboutique!!   I say this to my kiddos all the time…there’s no one out there just like you (ok, well the twins do have another person who looks like them…but still…they are different).   And moms who are busy dreaming of or building a business… I say this […]

Hi friends!! I am so excited to share a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way with cameras or photography as a business.  I get questions all the time and it’s so nice when I can help someone get a quick win!! So for today I thought I’d share a quick camera tip…whether […]

I get sooooo many camera questions!!! And I LOVE it!!! In fact, I created a membership group called the “Online Camera School” where I teach ALL THE THINGS about cameras and photography.  They wanted to learn about how to use their fancy cameras that were sitting there collecting dust or they just needed a place […]

  So I just listened to Rachel Hollis’ podcast about how to review your year and really analyze what’s working for you and what’s not.   I remember when I was teaching and I was in a staff meeting and we were talking about making some changes for test scores and growth and one teacher […]

Hey y’all….I get all sorts of camera questions about cameras…and while I am by no means know everything and do it all the “right” way…I can help you with the basics.  I so enjoy helping people figure out their cameras and help them get great results!!   When it comes to camera cards…my biggest tip […]

I recently did a FB Live about the importance of taking the time to use your Fancy DSLR Camera vs. your IPhone… You can see it here:  Click Here I shared the importance about making sure you pick up that camera that’s sitting on the shelf collecting dust….I mean, you’ve purchase it…it’s right there…now you […]

As a mom to older kiddos, I have to say that I am so thankful I documented their childhood as much as I possibly could!! Now they aren’t as agreeable to being in front of the camera…yes, they love their own phone selfies…but usually grumble when I pull out my camera.  However, I am happy […]

  Let me just say that you can do everything technically “right” with your camera…but if you don’t consider how to capture the human connection, your images will fall flat! We don’t look at images and instantly say “WOW…their White Balance is SPOT ON!!!”   No we saw…”Awwww, look at how sweet our babies are!” […]

I am not good at taking breaks!! I am admittedly a work-aholic.  And I’m working on that (hahahahahaha…yes, I crack myself up!)   But I also LOVE what I do!!!  They always say you know you’re doing what you’re destined to do when you get lost in your work.  That is truly my life.  I […]

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