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February 14, 2019

Taking Quick Pics for Your Business


We all know that we should be posting on our social media platforms at least twice a day (according to the new algorithm) it used to be more…but right now it seems two is the sweet spot.


We are busy creating, posting, and doing ALL THE THINGS!!!!  But we need to take time to really consider our images…


I know it might be overwhelming to think about taking pics for these posts….I promise you it isn’t as hard as you think!!


Here are three tips for taking your own social media flat lay images:

  1. find a great indirect natural light source (I use my front foyer…the light in the afternoon when the sun is on the back side of the house is amazing)
  2. use a white foam core board (think heavy duty thick poster board). You can find these at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or even Walmart.  These make for great flat lay back drops because they are clean and crisp and reflect the light beautifully.
  3. leave yourself some space (we call that negative space) where you can add in text or an overlay to give your image meaning in your post.


Here are a few more I’ve done over the years…for me and for clients!!


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