In recent years, our local beach community has seen several tragedies in the lives of our teenagers.  We’ve had several suicides, accidents, and kids being bullied.  It has been tough as a mom to three teenagers to watch other families suffer and to know that our children are hurting and are sometimes the ones doing […]

I know so many of you were shouting very loud Amens and Praise God yesterday morning!!!!  I was a teacher for 7 years so I remember the looks on the mamas’ faces as they shoved their sweet little ones into my door on the first day of school….with barely a wave and a kiss that […]

I LOVE working with Senior Photography clients!!!   They truly make my heart so happy…it’s an exciting time in their lives and they are THRILLED to be coming in for their session!!  Seniors are FUN, ENERGETIC, and never make it feel like work.   One of the questions I get asked the most is about […]

I LOVED spending the morning with this powerhouse business owner and military spouse!!  Karla Satterfield, owner of Kelomi Inc Real Estate Company is an amazing realtor and has a heart of gold!   I met Karla through mutual friends…you know that strong military family network.  We were living in Hawaii, moving to the coast of […]

There are simply no words that can describe how AH-Mazing this personal branding shoot was!!! I LOVE working with small business owners to help them up level their businesses by doing a professional shoot to create images for ad campaigns, social media outlets, and their websites. This was an AMAZING shoot for me!! It was […]

Christine owns a jewelry business. Her consulting services include selling the pieces, styling the pieces for you, and helping you see how you can up level your wardrobe by adding key pieces that are amazingly interchangeable!  Christine also does a ton of fundraising with her business for our local community….which is one of her favorite […]

Can I just say that this was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience!!!   I was sooooooo thrilled to be able to share this destination shoot with these awesome Seniors and moms!!!   We had been planning this trip for months!!  When you are coordinating a trip for 18, it takes MONTHS!! hahahaha  But considering […]

I am not good at taking breaks!! I am admittedly a work-aholic.  And I’m working on that (hahahahahaha…yes, I crack myself up!)   But I also LOVE what I do!!!  They always say you know you’re doing what you’re destined to do when you get lost in your work.  That is truly my life.  I […]

We had a blast during this Small Business/Family Shoot! It was so fun starting out in Nikki’s salon where we were joined by her team of stylists (who are GORGEOUS)! We did some team shots, some individual shots, and then the kiddos joined us. We headed out to the docks and then the beach. It […]

If you are a Small Business Owner, let me help you out with some great tips for your very own Photo Shoot!!  Here is the link to my Small Business Branding Freebie to download.   We started this EPIC Small Business Branding Shoot in Kim’s Bakery to capture her fun personality where she spends a […]

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