November 6, 2019


Oh my gracious!!!! This session was so darn fun but also so darn GORGEOUS!!!!! We laughed, we played, and we ran along the waves!! It was perfect weather and we had the PERFECT time!!!!

I did senior portraits for Reagan’s older brother Mason a few years ago. And when Wendi, Reagan’s mom called I was thrilled!!! I so love working with families over and over again!!!

Reagan had great ideas for her locations and she killed her wardrobe selections!!!!

We made our way to a local Home and Garden store and we fell in love with all the little nooks and crannies we came along!!! Reagan could laugh and then give me a stone cold serious look…and all the faces in between!!!! Those always make for great shoots….These kiddos are pros!!!!

We then headed to the beach where we met up with Dad and the puppies!!! Talk about hilarious!!!!! I love working animals as much as I love working with humans!!!! And these little doggies were hilarious!!!!! They have very distinct personalities and despite Wendi’s worries that they would be all crazy….they were showstoppers!!! They posed, the looked, and I think they even giggled!!!! We were all rolling!!!!

But it was a great night and we ended up with so many amazing images!!!!!! Enjoy guys!



And thank you to Sarah from The Vogue of Swansboro for the gorgeous hair!!

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