November 4, 2019


We did these personal branding headshots a while back…and I totally forgot to share these. Hello….these are too good not to share!!!!

Amy and I met up to do some “non Marine Corps” headshots so that she has some personal images of herself for branding and social media. Amy is an active duty Marine Officer, a wife, and a mom. She, as all Marines will do, has started thinking about what the next chapter will look like eventually. I work with a lot of military members that are beginning to think about those “after military service” lives. I love it when they call me to help them kick start it with a head shot session.

These shoots are so critical for getting their face out into the civilian world and helping them make all sorts of transitions. And if they aren’t ready to transition yet….at least they have one box checked when they are ready.

The sweetest thing about Amy’s shoot was that she was pregnant and had the sweetest little bump. We shot it so that you couldn’t tell she was pregnant so that she can use these images for years to come….but I also convinced her to let me take a few maternity type shots since she was already there. Ahhhh…they turned out gorgeous!!!!! Such a sweet, sweet day!!!!

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