November 8, 2019

The Montgomery Family

Ahhhh… I’m trying to get caught up on blogging my sessions…..and this was one I definitely had to go back and grab!!!

These are some of my favorite people….the jokes, the laughter, and the killer shots we got were so awesome!!!

Vince retired this summer and the family headed out from our little sleepy seaside community for the Pacific Northwest for a job with Amazon. Ann and I have been friends for years….I’ll never forget with she was a kindergarten mom and she used to send Ryan into class with the most amazing handmade dresses and outfits…literally it was a like the Ryan Fashion Show every day because Mrs. Holland would send her in to my room to let me see what cute outfit Ryan had on every day!!!

And then I got to know Ann on a personal level and we became fast friends….she has a quick wit and a sharp tongue!!!! I so love that she curses too…because then I don’t feel so bad about my own potty mouth!!! hahahahaha

But we shared the status of military spouse, moms to lots of kiddos, and then moms of Seniors who were trying to figure out how to parent teenagers who were soon going off to college!!! Oh and throw in there that our husbands were in the last years of their careers….and we were a mixed bag of crazy!!! But it was our CrAzY!!!! And we loved it!!!!

So here’s to the Montgomery Family!!! We are thankful for your service, for your friendship, and for all the memories!! We love you!! And miss you a hell of a lot!!!!!!

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