Coastal, Seniors

March 14, 2019


This shoot was so much FUN!!!!   I’ve so enjoyed working with Connor this year!!!  The guys are always a little nervous when we start out the year…but by the time their individual session rolls around, they are seasoned pros!!!!  And Connor can definitely ROCK a photo shoot like nobody’s business!!!   We pushed his […]


March 13, 2019

Miss Kennedi

This session….is truly one of my faves!!!!  I LOVE the fall….it’s such a beautiful time of year with the cooler weather, the colors, the cozy sweaters….yes, it’s my FAVE!!! And this sweet little waterfront town is also one of my faves!! New Bern is about 45 minutes from us and it’s so charming, historical and […]


January 14, 2019

Miss Rileigh

This family means the world to me!!!!  I’ve been so blessed to watch these kiddos grow up!!!!  Danielle, Rileigh’s mom hired me years back to do a large family shoot on the beach while their extended family was here visiting.  We had a blast and made a lasting friendship!!!   When Gabi (their oldest daughter) […]

This session was SUPER fun because Kaitlyn chose to do her Senior Shoot with her childhood friend Catie!!!!  Their moms are best friends and the girls are best friends…and it made perfect sense!!!!  So when they asked if they could do it together…my immediate answer was YES!!!!!!!   Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence decided to arrive during […]

Coastal, Seniors

January 7, 2019

Miss Emma

This session… and this girl!!!   I cannot tell you enough that I LOVE her sassy spirit and fun loving soul!!!!  She reminds me so much of me at this age!  I was self assured, head strong, and SASSY!!!!   I worked with their sweet family first by photographing Emma’s dad’s retirement ceremony.  We all […]

Coastal, Seniors

January 2, 2019


This session was sooooo much fun!!!!!!!  Ahhh….Camden and his mom Soncha were a BLAST to work with!!!!   Let me just say that Soncha could be a stylist!!! hahhahaha She helped Camden come up with his outfits for this shoot and I was sooooo impressed!!!!!  Talk about stylin!!!!!  He looked amazing and was game for […]

Coastal, Seniors

December 5, 2018

Miss Catie

One of my favorite girls in one of my favorite towns….Catie in Beaufort!!!!   I’ve known Catie ever since we moved to NC!!!  She danced with our girls and it has been such a pleasure watching them all grow up together!!!  I LOVE her mom Angel…she’s literally the BEST dance mom and can run a […]

Beach, Coastal, Seniors

November 21, 2018

Miss Ashlyn

  As I said in my last blog post…I’m playing catch up from the Hurricane…and I can’t believe I haven’t posted Ashlyn’s session yet.  I put it on facebook and instagram…but I haven’t done a blog post yet.   We had so much fun with Ashlyn!!!  And boy were there a few stories to tell!!! […]

Coastal, Seniors

November 20, 2018

Miss Maddi

Y’all…I am so far behind on blogging!!!!   But I’m crushing it now!!!  This hurricane and the devastation it left behind threw us all for a loop…and my normal work schedule went out the window.  So my session blogging got way behind!!   I’ve posted some sneak peeks for Maddi, but I wanted to make […]

Coastal, Seniors

November 19, 2018

Miss Shelby

Ahhhhh….this shoot is what dreams are made of!!!!!! Y’all….we literally did this shoot in a super secret location…ok, I’ll just tell you…it was a…nope I can’t tell you…oh ok…I’ll give you a hint….flowers.  That’s it…I can’t reveal anymore.   But seriously, this is a beautiful location!!!!  And Shelby is a beautiful girl!!!!!  So it was […]

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