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December 5, 2018

Miss Catie

One of my favorite girls in one of my favorite towns….Catie in Beaufort!!!!   I’ve known Catie ever since we moved to NC!!!  She danced with our girls and it has been such a pleasure watching them all grow up together!!!  I LOVE her mom Angel…she’s literally the BEST dance mom and can run a […]

Beach, Coastal, Seniors

November 21, 2018

Miss Ashlyn

  As I said in my last blog post…I’m playing catch up from the Hurricane…and I can’t believe I haven’t posted Ashlyn’s session yet.  I put it on facebook and instagram…but I haven’t done a blog post yet.   We had so much fun with Ashlyn!!!  And boy were there a few stories to tell!!! […]

Coastal, Seniors

November 20, 2018

Miss Maddi

Y’all…I am so far behind on blogging!!!!   But I’m crushing it now!!!  This hurricane and the devastation it left behind threw us all for a loop…and my normal work schedule went out the window.  So my session blogging got way behind!!   I’ve posted some sneak peeks for Maddi, but I wanted to make […]

Coastal, Seniors

November 19, 2018

Miss Shelby

Ahhhhh….this shoot is what dreams are made of!!!!!! Y’all….we literally did this shoot in a super secret location…ok, I’ll just tell you…it was a…nope I can’t tell you…oh ok…I’ll give you a hint….flowers.  That’s it…I can’t reveal anymore.   But seriously, this is a beautiful location!!!!  And Shelby is a beautiful girl!!!!!  So it was […]


November 18, 2018

Miss Sam

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this session with Sam and her mom!!  First of all, Anne cracks me and we all three laughed the entire time!!!  Anne is my dear friend who owns Semper Southern….so we relate on mom life, biz life, and milspouse life!!!  I have so enjoyed getting to know […]


November 16, 2018

Miss Makenzie

This session was so darn fun!!!  We met downtown with Makenzie’s mom and dog Nike to snag some pics with him and then we did a quick wardrobe change and hit the waterfront.  The hurricane had just passed and the downtown area was full of debris…but those buildings had held strong and we worked around […]

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November 15, 2018

Mr. Bradlee

Hi Friends!!! I’ve totally been dying to post this session of Bradlee!!!!  It is absolutely one of my fave beach sessions that I’ve recently done!!!!  🙂 We met on Emerald Isle one evening this fall and we were racing against the rain…and we LOST!!! HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, we were working hard at staying dry.  We literally […]


October 26, 2018

Miss Autumn

Guys!!! This shoot was so spectacular!!!!   I LOVE a beautiful sunset and this night on the water did not disappoint!!  I have watched Autumn grow up over the last 7 years and I can’t believe she is already a Senior!!  Our girls danced with Autumn and she and Grace actually worked together at the […]

In recent years, our local beach community has seen several tragedies in the lives of our teenagers.  We’ve had several suicides, accidents, and kids being bullied.  It has been tough as a mom to three teenagers to watch other families suffer and to know that our children are hurting and are sometimes the ones doing […]

Beach, Seniors

August 21, 2018

Miss Molly

It’s Senior Portrait Season and I am BEYOND thrilled!!!!! These kids touch my heart and I remain their cheerleader for years to come!!! Getting to know them, photographing their most important year so far, then watching them kill it as they head into graduation and then tearfully watching them all head off to their new […]

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