March 13, 2019

Miss Kennedi

This session….is truly one of my faves!!!!  I LOVE the fall….it’s such a beautiful time of year with the cooler weather, the colors, the cozy sweaters….yes, it’s my FAVE!!!

And this sweet little waterfront town is also one of my faves!! New Bern is about 45 minutes from us and it’s so charming, historical and well…perfect for a photo shoot!!!

So as we were planning Kennedi’s shoot, we discussed all the elements she wanted and it was very clear that New Bern was the place.  Yes, we had a few rain reschedules…but when we finally made it was magical!!!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!!

She chose gorgeous outfits, we found the sweetest little nooks to pop into and we “borrowed” several front porches and back yards…don’t worry, we asked permission…mostly…hahahaha

But it truly was a fun night!!! Kennedi is so beautiful and  her style is impeccable.  And I’m so glad we made her dreams come true with cozy sweaters, charm, flags, and even fruit swags!!!!!  🙂


Enjoy these sweet girl!



Mrs. Corry

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