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March 14, 2019


This shoot was so much FUN!!!!


I’ve so enjoyed working with Connor this year!!!  The guys are always a little nervous when we start out the year…but by the time their individual session rolls around, they are seasoned pros!!!!  And Connor can definitely ROCK a photo shoot like nobody’s business!!!


We pushed his shoot back a little so that he would have his Senior Baseball jersey.  Which was soooo smart because baseball is his thing…and we had to capture this special time since it’s his last season as a high schooler (but not his last season because he’s going to be playing in college).  🙂


We met at his family’s home on the water so that we could include the dock and the boat that they spend time on.  We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area of the country.  Even though it was chilly…it was so gorgeous out there!!!  We did a dressy and a casual look there by the water and then we drove over to the baseball field.


This was the FIRST time I haven’t had to climb the fence to get in…hahahaha…thank goodness they were having practice that day!!!  But we did a ton of really great baseball shots and captured probably one of my all-time faves….the one with the golden sunset coming through his profile!!! Y’all!!!!!!!  Glorious!!!


But we had a blast and I think Connor and his parents were happy with all that we captured…they are just the sweetest…true lifelong friends now and part of the CFP family for sure!!




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