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March 11, 2019

Social Media…Where Do I Even Start?

I hear this all the time…I don’t get Social Media. I need help with figuring out what to say.  Where do I even start?  How do I use this tool?

I have a very simple way for you to get started and a very easy way to understand its importance.

Social Media Helps You Share Your Why:

Everything starts with WHY.  

Social Media gives you an opportunity to share your story and tell your why behind what you do in business.  

It’s a touch point to your heart….people do business with people they know, like, and trust. People also resonate with businesses that are genuine and real  and share the reason behind what you do and how you serve your people.  

How often do people ask you how you got started….this is a way for you to share to a larger audience.

People can see your heart on social media.  Now do you need to share ALL THE THINGS…um…maybe NO!!  But pull back the curtain just a little and share your WHY, share your heart, share your passions, share the things you love…that’s what people will connect with.  They may have a “Hey I like that too” moment…or “oh gosh, I can totally relate to her” moment.

It should be authentic. It should be real.  It should be personal.

Trust the process.

Put yourself out there.

You’ll be AH-MAZED at what just might come from it!!!!


Happy Monday y’all!!





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