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January 10, 2019

What’s Working…What’s NOT


So I just listened to Rachel Hollis’ podcast about how to review your year and really analyze what’s working for you and what’s not.


I remember when I was teaching and I was in a staff meeting and we were talking about making some changes for test scores and growth and one teacher spoke up and said “well that’s not the way I’ve always done it” And someone else “well…how’s that working for ya?!?!” I think there was an audible gasp…but dang it needed to be said!


The proof is in the pudding and dang it, if you aren’t getting the results you want…then evaluate it and change it!!!!


You aren’t locked into much of anything in this life. Ok well, if you’re a mom, you really should keep doing that.  And if you want to continue eating and have electricity…you really should keep working.  But even with those things, you can still evaluate and change your tactics for things that aren’t working.


So as I head into this new year, I’m doing things a little differently than most years.  First, I’m asking God to show me His path for me rather than proudly declaring all that I want to accomplish this year.  What would HE have me do?  What are His plans?  I know that the answers will be revealed in my heart…if I’ll just listen.  So I’m slowing down a bit to do that …just listen.


I’m also taking the time to evaluate what really worked for me last year and what didn’t.  What parts of my business and personal life felt like big wins and what were the duds?


I want to say YES to those things that were fruitful and NO to the things that didn’t feel right or didn’t pan out like I had hoped.  I’m cutting out the things that aren’t working for me.  I did this a few years ago when I cut out working on weekends.  I was literally shooting on Saturday morning, evenings, Sunday evenings, and yes even a few times before church on Sunday mornings.  I literally showed up for church with sandy toes from a beach shoot from time to time.  And then my husband relocated to Quantico, VA for work and the girls and I stayed in NC.  Now we only saw him on the weekends and I had to make a choice.  My family was more important than working on the weekends.  I chose to pivot.  And ya’ll it was ok.   I found a way.  I knew there had to be a change because working every weekend wasn’t working!!!


So I encourage you to spend a few hours thinking about the things that worked for you last year and the things that didn’t.  Do you need to schedule more date nights (I surely do!!), do you need to change your work schedule, do you LOVE your clients and want more just like them, do you want more travel, or less travel, do you need to declutter your life and mind, do you want to read more books, do you need monthly “me days”?  Whatever it is….I encourage you to make a plan.


Here are the 3 ways I just did this:

  1. set aside a few hours to look back over 2018 and literally write down what worked and what didn’t
  2. put more of what worked on your calendar
  3. cut out more of the things that brought your stress or didn’t bring you the results you were looking for (say no more….it’s OK!)

What are some things you are doing or have done to prepare for the year ahead?  It’s really kind of exciting to me to look at 2019 as a blank book…and I get to decide what story I will write!!






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