January 14, 2019

Miss Rileigh

This family means the world to me!!!!  I’ve been so blessed to watch these kiddos grow up!!!!  Danielle, Rileigh’s mom hired me years back to do a large family shoot on the beach while their extended family was here visiting.  We had a blast and made a lasting friendship!!!


When Gabi (their oldest daughter) was a Senior, she was on my team and I did her Senior portraits…and when their oldest nephew was a Senior, he flew in from Michigan that summer and I did his Senior portraits!!!  I love working with clients again and again throughout the years!!!!!  Truly one of the BEST parts of my business!!


And this year….it was Rileigh’s turn!!!!!! I have loved watching her grow into a beautiful, self assured, confident young woman.  When we started discussing her locations, I was thrilled that she had her eye on this building that is falling down and literally has “eye sore” written on it.  It’s on a busy highway in our town and every time I pass, I always think “that would be such a great place to shoot”!!!!


You see, I see beauty in the strangest of places.  I look for it under the chipping paint and falling down buildings.  I see it in the dark shadows.  I find it in the broken down places that most people overlook.  These all have a soft spot in my heart….because I’m always rooting for the underdog!!!!!


Rileigh’s locations were perfect!!!  We did a few in my studio (which were stunning) then the old building, stopped at a Christmas tree lot, and then a silo next to the water.


Each were unique and so beautiful in their own way!!!  Much like all of us right?!?!!


I think we should celebrate more of our uniqueness….and not try to all be just alike.  That’s just not interesting.  One of my FAVE quotes “Why fit in when you were made to stand out?!?”


Rileigh was also super smart and brought along two beanies from her top 2 colleges that she was waiting on acceptance to.  We shot both and she was able to use the one that she’s decided to attend….soooooo fun!!!!!


I see a very bright future for Rileigh and I am so thankful that I have gotten to be part of her journey so far!!!



Mrs. Corry

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