January 9, 2019

The Satterfield Family

If you have older children or you are a grown child coming home to visit…I HIGHLY encourage you to get family portraits done!!!!  If not with me…then with someone!!!


Please….promise you’ll make it a priority!!  I know it’s stressful to try to get everyone up and ready and on the same wardrobe page and ALL THE THINGS that family portraits entail….but you’ll thank me a million times over when it’s all over and you have these beautiful moments of your family captured forever!!!!


I LOVE this sweet family!! Karla is the realtor and dear friend that helped us build our home in NC while we were still living in Hawaii.  She’s a fellow military spouse and gets our crazy life!!!  She has worked with countless other families…my own parents included…and loves her people well!


She called me when she was ready to do a personal branding session last year…you may remember that one. Karla used those images for her website and her real estate marketing.


I so love working with her and when she asked if I’d take her family’s portraits over Thanksgiving weekend I didn’t hesitate.  Well actually, that’s not true.  I did hesitate.  I wasn’t planning on working over the holiday, even though we weren’t traveling.  But when she said that it was the first time both her girls would be home I knew we couldn’t pass up this moment for their family.


We are never promised tomorrow….we all know this…but I think military families know this just a little deeper.  So I made sure that we made it work and I shifted a few things around on my calendar and we met up for a few hours at their home to capture the love.


The hurricane really wrecked a lot of places in our little seaside area….so some of my fave areas no longer look so great, especially this time of year.  This presented a challenge when looking for locations.  And then the RAIN!!! It feels like it’s rained constantly since Sept!!!!  And Thanksgiving weekend was no exception!!!  We were all watching the radar and dodging rain clouds like crazy.  That’s why we ultimately decided on using their home as our location because at least we had some covering.  In the end though, the rain cleared and we were blessed with a beautiful sunset in their backyard!! Truly a thankful weekend with the Satterfield family!




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