January 28, 2019

My Top 3 Tips for Starting a Business


I’m often asked about starting a business because most people know that I’ve literally built mine from the ground up through necessity.  I didn’t have some grand dream of owning a business and then set off to college and then off to get a MBA.


I’m a teacher, an educator, a military spouse, and a mom.

And I’ve created a wonderful business where I am able to contribute to my family financially and work with amazing clients.

So I do get asked a lot about how to get started.  Here are my top three tips to starting a business:


1- Set it up legally.

I suggest you visit your local Small Business Administration where they will give you the state and local specifics for getting set up.  You want to make       sure you are adhering to your state and local areas and they can vary.  Then visit your bank and set up separate accounts for your business.  All                   monies should travel in and out of those accounts.

2- Create a website.

You don’t have to be a web designer these days to create a simple site to get you started.  You just need a location for your business to live online.  Consider this your “storefront”…even if you aren’t selling products but offering services….you still need a place to direct people for more information      and for google to find you.

Please know that you’ll want to spend some time here with excellent images and copy. If these aren’t things you are good at…outsource them.  You             can find photographers and copywriters to help you with this task.  It’s better to invest in the beginning than drive potential customers away because       of an unprofessional website.

3-  Begin building your social media.

I always suggest Facebook and one other.  For me, that is instagram.  Instagram is amazing for businesses because of how you can connect to others        on the platform and how user friendly it is.  I always say that your website says you’re open for business but your social media says how busy you are.      So get out there and let people get to know you…the person behind the brand you are now creating.  We all know that people buy from people that            they know, like, and trust!  So use social media to help you do that….share your life, your story, your services, or your products.  Use it like a                        conversation.


You don’t have to have a fancy degree to start a business…you need an idea, a dream, and a heart for serving others.  Also add in a good dose of determination and a fighting spirit that doesn’t give up!  Make sure you set it up legally, create an awesome website that showcases your story and your vision, and then begin building your social media platforms.


For more tips about Creating a Brand….Click Here.



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