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January 22, 2019


Can I just say that our very first Headshot mini day in the studio was a HUGE success!!!


Not only did Jennifer want Headshots that were professional for work….but also wanted some great shots for her hubby.  She brought a few pro outfits and she also brought a super glammy look with a black dress and furry jacket that were STUNNING!!!!


I LOVED working with Jennifer because she’s a teacher at our local high school…and let’s be honest…teachers don’t often get to be pampered, so when we did her hair and makeup and then showcased her beauty and her gorgeous smile, my HEART LIT UP!!!!!


Helping people see their inner and outer beauty is what I LOVE MOST about my business!!!! As moms and women, we rarely take the time to really celebrate us.  So I was thrilled to be able to offer Jennifer this opportunity for a little pampering and girl time!!!


She rocked out her shoot and we laughed the whole time…these are my fave types of sessions when it feels like play and nothing like work!!!!!!  My heart was exploding and I am so in love with these images!!!!


Enjoy Jennifer!




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