January 15, 2019

Camera Tip Tuesday: ISO What?!?!?!

I get sooooo many camera questions!!! And I LOVE it!!! In fact, I created a membership group called the “Online Camera School” where I teach ALL THE THINGS about cameras and photography.  They wanted to learn about how to use their fancy cameras that were sitting there collecting dust or they just needed a place to come to get a few basics to get started.  We have a blast and I am soooo proud of them!

So I thought I’d start sharing just a few little tips here and there since I’m asked so often.


ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light.

What the heck is available light?!?!  It’s basically how much light that’s where you are standing with your camera.

Are you in full sun, shade, under a shelter or awning, a dark room, etc?

• • • •

First, you need to be able to find out where you ISO button is.  You can either change it in your menu settings or by using a button on the back of your camera.

And keep these few tips in mind:

ISO basic settings:

Full Sun: 100-200
Shade: 400-800
Indoor: 1000-3600…or higher

More sensitivity (or higher ISO comes at a price though… images tend to have more noise or a grainy look)

I hope this helps you get a quick win with just knowing that ISO exists and can drastically impact the outcome of your pics!!!



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