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January 8, 2019

Miss Kaitlyn

This session was SUPER fun because Kaitlyn chose to do her Senior Shoot with her childhood friend Catie!!!!  Their moms are best friends and the girls are best friends…and it made perfect sense!!!!  So when they asked if they could do it together…my immediate answer was YES!!!!!!!


Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence decided to arrive during their planned session.  But these girls were resilient and we were finally able to coordinate all of their schedules and make it happen!!!


We ended up with a glorious night in downtown Beaufort.  The weather was warm, the sun was glowy (not a word…but I like it) and it truly was perfect.


Kaitlyn has such a beauty, both inside and out.  When she smiles,  even her eyes smile.  She killed the laughing looks and the serious looks!!!  This girl can do them ALL!!!  She brought great outfits and her hair and makeup were perfect.


We worked our way through the back streets of the historic area and then to the waterfront. I was able to capture a few candids with her little brother Gabe as they danced on the docks…that’s what I love about these shoots…I try to capture a little of everything as it unfolds!!


Our last little spot was down by the marsh and as we made our way to my fave area, the owners of the house across the street came out to sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set.  I always worry a little because I never want to encroach on people’s private property (in this area, there are no private property signs…it’s just that the marsh is on one side of the road and the people across the street typically own those lots.)  So we asked if they minded that we were there and they were so kind and gracious!!  They stood and chatted with Kaitlyn’s mom Michelle for the longest time!!  They were so nice!!  They even offered to move so they wouldn’t be in our shots!!!

Kaitlyn is a dancer…has danced FOREVER and I could truly watch her dance all day!!  She brought her leotard and wanted a few dance pics at sunset just to capture one of her true joys!!  Again, I LOVE it when my seniors want to incorporate these aspects into their sessions….because I can assure you that at 43, she probably won’t be leaping and jumping like she is now.  I surely cannot do toe touches or stunt like I could back in my high school cheer days!! hahahah So it’s great to have these so we can go back and prove to our children that we were badas@#@ one day!!! hahahah


Here’s to another great session!!!



Mrs. Corry

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  1. Heather

    January 9th, 2019 at 7:07 am

    Kaitlyn & Catie have always had a special place in my heart . He both dance with my little miss and have for many years. I couldn’t ask for a more positive role model for her to look up to. I love Kaitlyn, her family and this entire bunch of ladies. They are so much fun and I couldn’t say enough great things about them.. There will definitely be a hole in our hearts and st the studio (lol) when they are gone off to do ‘life’ but we wish them both well!

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