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January 7, 2019

Miss Emma

This session… and this girl!!!


I cannot tell you enough that I LOVE her sassy spirit and fun loving soul!!!!  She reminds me so much of me at this age!  I was self assured, head strong, and SASSY!!!!


I worked with their sweet family first by photographing Emma’s dad’s retirement ceremony.  We all instantly bonded and I knew right away that we were going to have a blast for her Senior Shoot!!


And that we did!!  Emma is on my Senior Team, so she kind of already knew what it was like to work with me.  We met downtown with her gorgeous outfits and we had a BEAUTIFUL night by the water in our little seaside village.


Then we headed over to the softball field to end our session because if you know Emma…you know she LOVES some softball!!!!  What I loved most about her choosing this spot and this part of her shoot was that she really collided two parts of who she is.  She laughed when she said that “I’m the girl who has on a full face of makeup for practices and games!!”  So I was NOT surprised when she strutted out in her jersey and heels and totally KILLED it!!!!!  I love the juxtaposition of the two looks!!  It was soooo Emma!! She’s a girlie girl who will sling some dirt like nobody’s business!!!!


I LOVE it when Senior sessions truly depict who my clients are at this very moment.  It’s like a little frozen moment in time that will live forever and what we create in those few hours are now part of their legacy.  THIS is why I LOVE what I do!!!!  And why I LOVE my clients so much!!


Thanks for a great shoot Emma!!!!!!  You rock!



Mrs. Corry

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