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January 2, 2019


This session was sooooo much fun!!!!!!!  Ahhh….Camden and his mom Soncha were a BLAST to work with!!!!


Let me just say that Soncha could be a stylist!!! hahhahaha She helped Camden come up with his outfits for this shoot and I was sooooo impressed!!!!!  Talk about stylin!!!!!  He looked amazing and was game for anything that I asked of him!!!  In fact, he had great ideas of his own too!


We started in the studio with a great shot that Soncha saw online and we were able to somewhat recreate.  Sometimes this works out and sometimes it doesn’t…but we nailed it!!!


Then we headed to the base and we popped into all kinds of areas as we drove by…like literally, we just pulled the cars over and hopped out!!!


Camden had several cool wardrobe changes that included locations like an abandoned building and then an empty shipping container.  I sometimes see things and then I just KNOW that it’s the PERFECT place!!!!!!!  And I love having adventurous clients that trust my vision!!!


Then we headed to the shoreline and it was soooooo great!!!!  The sunset was glorious and a perfect way to end the shoot!!!!


I am so proud of Camden and all that he has accomplished…but I’m most proud of his heart and how he treats other people!!! You know, you can do lots of things, but treating others with kindness, empathy, and grace truly makes you a GREAT person and Camden is ALL OF THOSE THINGS!!!!!  He has a heart of gold and I’ve so enjoyed working with him on my team this year!!!! He is going to do great things in life and I’m so thankful that I get to be part of his journey and to have told just a piece of his story!



Ms. Corry

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