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January 16, 2019

The Riggs Family

Gosh…this family shoot was AMAZING!!!!!


I’ve been sitting on this post for months because Kim wanted to give these portraits as a Christmas surprise gift to their families.  So it was super secret sauce because she said her mom and mother in law follow me on social media!!! We laughed when I told her it would be sooooo hard because their family was just so darn precious and their shoot turned out so amazing!!!!


Sooooo now I get to share them!!! And I am beyond thrilled that Kim asked me to do this!!!  I worked with Kim and her daughter Bethany for Bethany’s Senior portraits and Bethany is on my Senior Team…so we’ve had a blast all year long!!!!


The fellas always need a little arm twisting to do this….but these guys were ready and did a great job with all our crazy ideas.  There was no eye rolling or huffing!! hahahahaha….They were such good sports!!!!


We laughed, we played, and we got great stuff!!!!  Enjoy these memories!!!  Especially as Bethany prepares to leave for college this year…..big hugs Riggs family!!




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