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November 19, 2018

Miss Shelby

Ahhhhh….this shoot is what dreams are made of!!!!!!

Y’all….we literally did this shoot in a super secret location…ok, I’ll just tell you…it was a…nope I can’t tell you…oh ok…I’ll give you a hint….flowers.  That’s it…I can’t reveal anymore.


But seriously, this is a beautiful location!!!!  And Shelby is a beautiful girl!!!!!  So it was a match made in heaven!!!!


When we walked around trying to decide our little spots, it was like I was on sensory overload.  I was like:  there, and there, and there, and there.  And oh wait…let’s try here!!!!  It was soooooo much fun to have a photographer’s eye!!!


We did a ton of looks and spots at our first location and then we headed to the best one yet!!!!!!


When Crystal, Shelby’s mom mentioned that her friend had a house on the water of course my answer was an instant YES!!!!!!!!  Waterfront property is always a yes!!!!  Especially THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!  You can see the Emerald Isle bridge from their back yard and their house, dock, and yard are simply stunning!!!!!!


Shelby and her mom, Crystal did an amazing job on her wardrobe and styling!!! They were so organized and had the matching jewelry all lined up with each outfit…it was so fantastic!!!


Shelby has a heart of gold and it was so much fun getting to know them both!  We talked about her Senior year and her plans for next year…she is amazing and will do great things in the years to come!!!!  I just love sweet kiddos who know who they are and don’t hesitate in moving through life in that way!!!!


Enjoy this sneak peek!!!




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