November 18, 2018

Miss Sam

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this session with Sam and her mom!!  First of all, Anne cracks me and we all three laughed the entire time!!!  Anne is my dear friend who owns Semper Southern….so we relate on mom life, biz life, and milspouse life!!!  I have so enjoyed getting to know her daughter Sam this year since she is on my Senior Team.


Sam is absolutely stunning and has big plans for next year!!!  She’s got tons of options and they are all GREAT!!!!!!  She’s been working so hard and I just know that HUGE things are working in her life right now!!  Sam was a dream to shoot because she takes direction so well and she’s very aware of her body.  She exudes confidence and just has a personality that shines through in every image.


For this session, we had some flight line plans…but as luck would have it, they didn’t work out.  But you know what…sometimes when things don’t work out it’s because there are other things happening that are just MEANT TO BE!!!!!  And that exactly what happened with Sam’s shoot!!!!


She knew she wanted a coffee shop vibe…so we contacted a hip little spot in the next town over and got permission to do a quick shoot in there.  I think Sam’s like me…we’d be willing to just have a coffee drip with us all day!!! hahahahaha So this spot was perfect!


Then she wanted industrial vibe but also some nature with trees and water.  I always tell my Seniors that I will do my best but that I am not a magician…well maybe I am just a little.  Because I can take almost any location and make it look magical.  And that’s just what we did when we headed to our downtown locations.  We did the industrial look first and then the water look.


Anne was our lookout because it was after hours and the downtown area is kind of in a period of revitalization…ok, I guess I should be honest…it’s on the cusp of revitalization and some businesses really need to come in and help clean up and reignite that downtown area.  It could be so amazing!!!!  There are old buildings where I could see boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars, etc….but it’s all worn down.  Anyway…I digress….there are some sketchy areas…but the looks we got are really awesome!!!

So I put Anne on lookout to keep an eye on things for us and we ended up getting so many amazing shots!!!!!!  Sam was a trooper and I think we made her vision come to life!!!!  Enjoy this sneak peek!!




And thanks to Sarah The Vogue of Swansboro​ for gorgeous hair and makeup!

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