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November 20, 2018

Miss Maddi

Y’all…I am so far behind on blogging!!!!


But I’m crushing it now!!!  This hurricane and the devastation it left behind threw us all for a loop…and my normal work schedule went out the window.  So my session blogging got way behind!!


I’ve posted some sneak peeks for Maddi, but I wanted to make sure I got her on the blog now that I’ve had a minute to breathe!!!


This session was so stinkin fun!!! Maddi and her mom Karen had such great ideas!!! They wanted to incorporate Maddi’s dog Starbucks, so we utilized a little coffee shop here in town that allows dogs.  Muttigans is amazing!! Y’all gotta check it out here in Swansboro! Starbucks (the dog) was hilarious!! He did great for his photo shoot debut!  We were so thrilled that he was a good boy!!! 🙂


Then we went to a pumpkin patch across the bridge….it was so great!!!!  The owners were amazing and so welcoming!!  As we pulled up, I knew we were going to get some great shots!!!  After we finished with the pumpkins, I saw a super cool wooden shed and fencing area that was also perfect!!!!!!  So I grabbed Maddi and said…come one girl…these will be GREAT!!!  Thankfully, she trusted me and was willing to give it a try!! Those back of the camera shots that I showed her made her gasp!!!  Ahhhhh….I love it when the girls ooooh and ahhhh!!!!


After we left the pumpkin patch, we headed to a super cool spot by the water.  Dock spots always make my heart swoon.  And these sunset shots were PERFECT!!!!!!!  We ended at a great spot!!!


Maddi and Karen are some of my most fave people!!!!  Maddi has been so sweet to our girls at cheer as an upperclassman!!!  She has some great plans and lots of options for next year!!  She has worked so hard and I can’t wait to see where her path leads her.  Whatever Maddi does, she will do it with 100% of her heart!!!!  We are cheering for you from Swansboro!!!!!!




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