November 16, 2018

Miss Makenzie

This session was so darn fun!!!  We met downtown with Makenzie’s mom and dog Nike to snag some pics with him and then we did a quick wardrobe change and hit the waterfront.  The hurricane had just passed and the downtown area was full of debris…but those buildings had held strong and we worked around the mess to truly capture the beauty of our special town.


Makenzie was  a trooper and was actually the first Senior to get her hair and makeup done in our new studio space.  It was a hot mess in there as I was just moving stuff in…but she was the FIRST and Sarah did a great job!!!


We also headed over to the place that she plays softball…Western Park so that she could get some pics of her in her element while she was doing her thing!!! She was a rockstar and literally KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!! hahhahaha (pun intended)


I just love Makenzie…such a sweet spirit and awesome young lady!!




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