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November 15, 2018

Mr. Bradlee

Hi Friends!!!

I’ve totally been dying to post this session of Bradlee!!!!  It is absolutely one of my fave beach sessions that I’ve recently done!!!!  🙂

We met on Emerald Isle one evening this fall and we were racing against the rain…and we LOST!!!


Seriously, we were working hard at staying dry.  We literally surrounded Bradlee with the surfboard and mom, dad, and I stood around him to try to keep his shirt dry…because sister cannot edit out all the rain drops!!!  🙂  And it worked!!!  He stayed dry and we went right on with our shoot.  We ended up with some really gorgeous clouds that night!!

But seriously, we had a blast and he was a ROCKSTAR!!!! He pulled off the James Dean look, the surfer look, and then he smiled that sweet smile that tugs at a Mama’s heart!!!

I so enjoyed working with this sweet family….they are a true joy!!! And I cannot wait to see the big things God has in store for Bradlee next year!!!


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