Can I just say that our very first Headshot mini day in the studio was a HUGE success!!!   Not only did Jennifer want Headshots that were professional for work….but also wanted some great shots for her hubby.  She brought a few pro outfits and she also brought a super glammy look with a black […]

Oh my gracious…Y’all….   This session is so beautiful!!  Bethany totally nailed it…her wardrobe, her hair and makeup, and her location were all perfection!!!  Oh wait, except for the CrAzY HEAT that we had going on that night!! hahahahaha  Just ask Bethany and her mom how much we were sweating!!!!  It was a crazy hot, […]

I LOVE working with Senior Photography clients!!!   They truly make my heart so happy…it’s an exciting time in their lives and they are THRILLED to be coming in for their session!!  Seniors are FUN, ENERGETIC, and never make it feel like work.   One of the questions I get asked the most is about […]

Christine owns a jewelry business. Her consulting services include selling the pieces, styling the pieces for you, and helping you see how you can up level your wardrobe by adding key pieces that are amazingly interchangeable!  Christine also does a ton of fundraising with her business for our local community….which is one of her favorite […]

I have had the most AMAZING time with this team!!!! We laugh, we are adventurous, we make the best memories…and we sometimes  freeze our tails off!! hahahahahaha I LOVE finding out of the way little places for shoots and it’s so fun to explore these great spots with my team. We dodged a little rain […]

Abby is one of my Senior Team members and I’m so happy to be able to work with her all year!! She wanted a fun shoot in downtown Beaufort…and that’s exactly what we created for her!! We enjoyed strolling through the streets where there are many historic buildings and sites. Then we headed down to […]

If you are a Small Business Owner, let me help you out with some great tips for your very own Photo Shoot!!  Here is the link to my Small Business Branding Freebie to download.   We started this EPIC Small Business Branding Shoot in Kim’s Bakery to capture her fun personality where she spends a […]

I will never forget when I photographed our daughter in NYC in a black tutu….Kaye sent me a message that she was IN LOVE with that tutu and so wished she could do a “tutu” shoot like Grace!! I told her a tutu always makes a girl feel fun, flirty, and beautiful…and we were gonna […]

When Lisa came into my studio for her shoot…I didn’t realize what a survivor she truly is!!! She has an amazing story of survival, perseverance, and true grit!! Photographing her spunky spirit was such a joy….she’s a true fighter!!  And can we say gorgeous!?!?!? I love working with women of all ages because you can […]

Mrs. Heather will always have a special place in my heart!!  She was our girls’  teacher for years!!  She pushed them to be their very best and they will always have a little dance in their step because of her!!  They still twirl and leap in our foyer, creating their own routines based on all […]

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