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March 14, 2019


This shoot was so much FUN!!!!   I’ve so enjoyed working with Connor this year!!!  The guys are always a little nervous when we start out the year…but by the time their individual session rolls around, they are seasoned pros!!!!  And Connor can definitely ROCK a photo shoot like nobody’s business!!!   We pushed his […]


March 13, 2019

Miss Kennedi

This session….is truly one of my faves!!!!  I LOVE the fall….it’s such a beautiful time of year with the cooler weather, the colors, the cozy sweaters….yes, it’s my FAVE!!! And this sweet little waterfront town is also one of my faves!! New Bern is about 45 minutes from us and it’s so charming, historical and […]

I hear this all the time…I don’t get Social Media. I need help with figuring out what to say.  Where do I even start?  How do I use this tool? I have a very simple way for you to get started and a very easy way to understand its importance. Social Media Helps You Share […]

My LOVE for Thieves is REAL y’all!!! I LOVE this oil and the cleaning products made from it!!! Here are a few ways that we use it in our home: Rub 1 drop onto the bottoms of your feet before heading out for the day. Diffuse to bring a spicy, welcoming fragrance to any room […]

  We all know that we should be posting on our social media platforms at least twice a day (according to the new algorithm) it used to be more…but right now it seems two is the sweet spot.   We are busy creating, posting, and doing ALL THE THINGS!!!!  But we need to take time […]

Thank you for sharing this on facebook @therustycrownmobileboutique!!   I say this to my kiddos all the time…there’s no one out there just like you (ok, well the twins do have another person who looks like them…but still…they are different).   And moms who are busy dreaming of or building a business… I say this […]

So I’m reading 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs…it’s a devotional for unlocking your most courageous self.  AMAZING read and I highly encourage you to get yourself a copy of it!!   Today’s topic was about doing your NEXT BEST STEP.  Annie says, that in order to get to where you want to go, […]

Hi friends!! I am so excited to share a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way with cameras or photography as a business.  I get questions all the time and it’s so nice when I can help someone get a quick win!! So for today I thought I’d share a quick camera tip…whether […]

  I’m often asked about starting a business because most people know that I’ve literally built mine from the ground up through necessity.  I didn’t have some grand dream of owning a business and then set off to college and then off to get a MBA. No… I’m a teacher, an educator, a military spouse, […]

Can I just say that our very first Headshot mini day in the studio was a HUGE success!!!   Not only did Jennifer want Headshots that were professional for work….but also wanted some great shots for her hubby.  She brought a few pro outfits and she also brought a super glammy look with a black […]

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