Y’all!!!!! This head shot mini session was so awesome!!! First of all, I got to catch up on all things with the Suter Family….I had little Faith in Kindergarten years ago…and now she seems all grown up!!! But it was great to catch up and chat!!! And then we got busy creating amazing images for […]

We had so much fun with Maggie’s shoot in Beaufort!!! It was a beautiful night in downtown and on the water!! She brought beautiful outfits that were so perfect in every way and truly captured her personality and fun spirit!! We found the most fun and out of the way little spots that were fabulous […]

Who here wishes they had bought stock in the dry shampoo companies?!?! Yeah, with three teenage girls…that would be me!!!! Lord Help Us!!!! But I also don’t like the way it tickles my throat when I use it…which is probably a sign of it not being good for me!!!! So I went out searching for […]

Y’all…..this shoot was a riot!!!! If anything could have happened, it did!!! We had cops show up, a firetruck show up, were almost hit (on the sidewalk mind you) by a semi truck who was delivering food to our downtown area restaurants, were nearly blown away by crazy winds, and then ended our night in […]

So I’ve been on the hunt for natural products for quite a while as we are walking this journey for wellness. I know that so many of the endocrine disruptors we are trying to avoid are found in many of our cleaning and beauty products. What got me excited about essential oils is that I […]

This shoot was so special!!! Katherine is a beautiful girl…inside and out!! We had so much fun…on a VERY WINDY night downtown and then out to the beach!!! But Katherine handled it like a champ and we just moved our locations so that the hair would cooperate!!! hahaha Katherine grew up here in our little […]

Do you get that pit in your stomach around April when spring fever begins to fill the air because instead of focusing on the beautiful weather or blooming flowers, you are thinking about how you are going to keep your kids entertained and busy while you are working from home? I feel ya!!! Even though […]

We are working hard over here and ridding our home of the toxins we’ve been using…. Our family has had some health struggles, so in order to help heal our bodies and prevent further damage, I set out on a quest to do better. One of the most toxic products we use in our home […]

This shoot….by far…one of my FAVES!!!!! These kids nailed it and despite the cold, were fearless!!! I was thrilled that we were able to get permission to shoot on the flight line at New River!! These kids got to see Marine Corps aircraft up close and inside!!!! Annnndddd…they got awesome pics in and around them […]

We began on this journey of ridding our home of toxic chemicals a while back. Our endocrine systems are crappy and we are working hard to combat the ramifications of that fact. One of the main ways we are doing this is by getting rid of the toxic chemicals in our home that I was […]

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