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November 15, 2018

Mr. Bradlee

Hi Friends!!! I’ve totally been dying to post this session of Bradlee!!!!  It is absolutely one of my fave beach sessions that I’ve recently done!!!!  🙂 We met on Emerald Isle one evening this fall and we were racing against the rain…and we LOST!!! HAHAHAHAHA Seriously, we were working hard at staying dry.  We literally […]


October 26, 2018

Miss Autumn

Guys!!! This shoot was so spectacular!!!!   I LOVE a beautiful sunset and this night on the water did not disappoint!!  I have watched Autumn grow up over the last 7 years and I can’t believe she is already a Senior!!  Our girls danced with Autumn and she and Grace actually worked together at the […]

In recent years, our local beach community has seen several tragedies in the lives of our teenagers.  We’ve had several suicides, accidents, and kids being bullied.  It has been tough as a mom to three teenagers to watch other families suffer and to know that our children are hurting and are sometimes the ones doing […]

Several of you asked for some of our Family Faves for quick weeknight recipes….and I’m happy to share them with you!!! If you ever want to know something… just ask!!! I’m an open book.  And if something I know can help you or save you a step…I’m all about it!!!! These are great especially if […]

I know so many of you were shouting very loud Amens and Praise God yesterday morning!!!!  I was a teacher for 7 years so I remember the looks on the mamas’ faces as they shoved their sweet little ones into my door on the first day of school….with barely a wave and a kiss that […]

This year, my Senior Team and I are working on a Kindness Campaign in our community. We will be doing an Act of Kindness each month that the team has chosen. Early on, we had a big planning meeting and they had so many great ideas as to how they’d like to make a positive […]

We had so much fun one evening in July when my neighbor’s kiddos and grandkids all came in from out of state!!  I LOVE these late summer beach sessions where the light is perfect, the breeze is warm, and the sunsets are glorious!!  Check out this fun family session!!  

Beach, Seniors

August 21, 2018

Miss Molly

It’s Senior Portrait Season and I am BEYOND thrilled!!!!! These kids touch my heart and I remain their cheerleader for years to come!!! Getting to know them, photographing their most important year so far, then watching them kill it as they head into graduation and then tearfully watching them all head off to their new […]

Oh my gracious…Y’all….   This session is so beautiful!!  Bethany totally nailed it…her wardrobe, her hair and makeup, and her location were all perfection!!!  Oh wait, except for the CrAzY HEAT that we had going on that night!! hahahahaha  Just ask Bethany and her mom how much we were sweating!!!!  It was a crazy hot, […]

Can I just say that this session was so darn FUN!!!!! Hannah Salmon is one of my Senior Models and this was our FIRST individual session…so we have officially kicked off our shooting year!!!   Hannah has the sweetest soul and is gorgeous both inside and out!!!   I LOVED the fact that she and […]

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