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Brand Shoot | Coastal Connections Marketing

Hey there, friend! Let’s chat about something that’s near and dear to my heart – the magic of personalized lifestyle brand photos. You know, those images that go beyond the ordinary and truly capture the soul of your business. If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and found yourself lingering on a post, feeling like you’re getting to know the brand behind it, you’ve experienced the power of these photos firsthand. So, grab your favorite beverage, cozy up, and let’s dive into why these types of images…especially for a product based business are more than just pretty pictures – they’re game-changers for your business.

I’m sharing a recent brand photo with one of my fave product based businesses, Coastal Connections Marketing. Caroline Roberts, the owner, serves clients around the nation with her impeccable service in creating customizable merchandise for businesses. Their product and vendor lists are massive and their customer service is top notch…and she wanted personalized, lifestyle images to go along with images they receive from their vendors. We had a blast at their most recent shoot…and their brand visuals set the stage for a phenomenal business year ahead! These will go in their printed catalog that they send to their clients and for those that inquire with them…and the best part…it’s their team that their clients will see!!!


Imagine your brand’s story unfolding in every snapshot, like flipping through the pages of your favorite photo album. It’s more than just showing off products; it’s about capturing the heart and soul of your brand – its quirks, its values, its mission. By infusing your photoshoot with real-life moments, you’re not just selling stuff; you’re inviting your audience to join you on the journey. It’s like saying, “Hey, this is who we are, come be a part of it.” And let me tell you, that kind of genuine connection? It’s priceless. So, let’s keep it real, keep it personal, and let those photos tell your brand’s story like only they can.


Let’s talk about the magic word: authenticity. In a world where everyone’s trying to be someone they’re not, being real is the ultimate power move. Picture this: you stumble upon a brand that feels like a warm hug – genuine, relatable, downright cozy. That’s the power of authenticity, my friend. And guess what? Professionally done lifestyle brand photos are your ticket to true authenticity. They’re not about glossy perfection; they’re about real-life moments that say, “Hey, we’re just like you.” And let me tell you, there’s nothing more trustworthy than that. So, let’s ditch the smoke and mirrors and let your brand’s true colors shine. Authenticity is the name of the game.


With the online marketplace bursting at the seams, standing out is non-negotiable. But fear not, because personalized lifestyle brand photos are your secret weapon! Think of them as your brand’s superpower, and it is swooping in to rescue you from the sea of sameness. See, when you ditch those cookie-cutter catalog shots and opt for snaps that scream “YOU,” you’re not just selling products – you’re selling an experience. It’s like inviting your customers into your world, cozying up on the virtual couch with a cup of coffee and saying, “Hey, this is us, this is what we’re all about.” And trust me, friend, that’s the kind of connection that sticks. So, let’s wave goodbye to generic and hello to unforgettable. Your brand deserves it, and so do your customers.


Let’s talk about the power of a good ol’ jaw-dropping photo – the kind that stops you mid-scroll and makes you go, “Whoa.” That’s the magic of high-quality lifestyle brand photos. They’re not just pretty pixels on a screen; they’re attention-grabbers, heart-tuggers, and curiosity-piquers all rolled into one. Picture this: your audience scrolling through their feed, and BAM! Your photo pops up, commanding their attention. It’s like a little invitation to peek behind the curtain and see what you’re all about. And you know what? People love that stuff. So, whether it’s a cheeky Instagram post, a cozy email newsletter, or a swoon-worthy website banner, you want to make sure your visuals are stealing the show.


Alright, let’s talk about the ultimate multitaskers in your marketing toolbox: lifestyle brand photos. These babies are like the Swiss Army knives of visual content – versatile, reliable, and ready to rock whatever platform you throw at them. You may have a killer photo for your Instagram feed, but it’s also perfect for your website banner, your next email campaign, and heck, even your next billboard. (and yes, I have several photos on billboards around town!) Talk about bang for your buck, am I right? And here’s the best part: this versatility isn’t just about convenience; it’s about consistency. When your audience sees those familiar faces and scenes popping up everywhere they turn, it’s like a little reminder that says, “Hey, it’s us again, here to brighten your day.” It’s that kind of visual consistency that cements your brand’s spot in their minds, making you the go-to choice when they’re ready to make a purchase. So, keep those lifestyle brand photos working overtime and watch as your brand recognition skyrockets.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to sprinkle some of that personalized photography magic into your brand. Remember, it’s not just about pretty pictures – it’s about telling your story, connecting with your audience, and standing out in a sea of sameness. Incorporating personalized lifestyle brand photos into your marketing strategy can yield significant benefits, including increased brand awareness, stronger customer relationships, and ultimately, improved sales and growth.

So, go ahead, get creative, and let your brand shine through brand photos of your very own. Your community is waiting to fall head over heels for what you have to offer, one beautifully captured moment at a time. Cheers to telling your story in your unique brand style!

I have a few openings in my branding schedule and I’d love to schedule a call with you to see how I could help with your brand visuals. And if you are a photographer, I’d love to help you build out a brand photography branch for your business. It can all be so impactful!!



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Charlotte Staton, Charlotte Staton Design

"A personal branding photoshoot with Corry was the best decision I have ever made for my growing business."

Julia Sampsel, The Simplified House

"The images from my branding shoot turned out beautifully and have made building my website and online presence so much easier."

Linda St. Amant, Sprinkled Designs

"To anyone thinking of booking with Corry, don't think twice! She truly understands how to make your business shine via photography."

Kimberly Turner, Frosted Cakery

"I knew having professional photos for my business was important, but I didn’t know how huge the impact would actually be! Highly recommend!"

Christy Grifaldo, Grifaldo Properties

"You can't help but smile and laugh the whole time you're shooting with Corry, making it so easy to work with her."

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