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North Carolina brand & portrait photographer, essential oils advocate, military wife, and your biggest cheerleader in creating your own better.  Because after all, better is where you belong.  Make yourself at home! 

Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

Plimsoll Gear | Brand Shoot

Hey there, sweet friend!! Let’s chat about something close to my heart—how your brand visuals can truly make you stand out in the crowded world of clothing apparel. I’m all about capturing stories through imagery, and trust me, it’s a game-changer for your biz, especially if your mission is all about balance, like our friends over at Plimsoll Gear. So, grab your favorite beverage and let’s dive into five key storytelling components that’ll have your audience swooning and hitting that ‘add to cart’ button in no time!

Embrace the Balance:

Picture this: a serene yoga session amidst a beautiful coastal waterway, or a cozy sweatshirt paired worn while hanging out watching the sunset on the beach with your friends—your brand visuals should scream “balance.” Showcasing the harmony between hustle and chill is Dee Jaye’s superpower…and we look forward to showing BALANCE in new ways with every single one of her brand shoots. It’s not just about selling clothes; it’s about inviting your audience into a lifestyle where balance reigns supreme.

Keeping It Real:

Authenticity is everything, friend. Your audience craves realness in a world of perfectly curated feeds. Show them the messy bun days and the behind-the-scenes giggles. Let them see the women behind the brand, flaws and all. Because when you keep it real, you build trust and loyalty that lasts a lifetime. Dee Jaye invited me into her monthly Bridge group with her friends so that we could show one of the ways they all stay balanced…their friendships that have lasted decades. They’ve been through it all together and the realness of their friendship is a key part of her brand story.

Tell Stories, Not Just Sales Pitches:

Your clothing isn’t just fabric; it’s a canvas for stories waiting to be told. Whether it’s the inspiration behind your latest collection or the empowering journey of the people wearing your designs, let every image speak volumes. Your audience wants more than just a product—they want a narrative they can connect with on a deeper level. When we look at what drives buying habits in today’s market…people are looking for connection. Tell a story with your product, show it on real people…your people…so much better than a sales pitch.

Stir Those Emotions:

Ever scrolled past an image and felt an instant connection? That’s the power of emotion, my friend. Whether it’s wanderlust sparked by dreamy travel shots or empowerment felt through diverse representation, your visuals should tug at the heartstrings. Because when you evoke emotion, you create loyal fans who can’t get enough of your brand.

Create Spaces for Connection:

Last but not least, let’s talk about engagement, shall we? Your brand visuals aren’t just pretty pictures—they’re invitations to connect. Whether it’s through social media or your website, create spaces where your audience can engage authentically. Encourage likes, shares, and conversations that go beyond transactions. Because when you create a community, you create a tribe that’s in it for the long haul.

In a nutshell, your brand visuals are more than just eye candy—they’re your SECRET SAUCE for building a brand that resonates with your audience on a soulful level. So, go ahead, embrace the BALANCE, keep it real, tell stories, stir those emotions, and create spaces for connection. Your community is waiting, and they’re ready to fall head over heels for your brand.

You can find Dee Jaye’s brand at www.plimsolgear.com. She has the BEST tshirts, sweatshirts, and drinkware!!!! Some of my faves for sure!!



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Charlotte Staton, Charlotte Staton Design

"A personal branding photoshoot with Corry was the best decision I have ever made for my growing business."

Julia Sampsel, The Simplified House

"The images from my branding shoot turned out beautifully and have made building my website and online presence so much easier."

Linda St. Amant, Sprinkled Designs

"To anyone thinking of booking with Corry, don't think twice! She truly understands how to make your business shine via photography."

Kimberly Turner, Frosted Cakery

"I knew having professional photos for my business was important, but I didn’t know how huge the impact would actually be! Highly recommend!"

Christy Grifaldo, Grifaldo Properties

"You can't help but smile and laugh the whole time you're shooting with Corry, making it so easy to work with her."

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