October 3, 2019


We had the BEST time at Isabel’s shoot!!! First of all…she’s a beauty!!! Second…she’s hilarious!! But we made the most of the hot and muggy day by heading downtown and then to the beach. Both of which hold lots of memories for Isabel. We were able to pull off a ton of looks and get all sides of her personality. And the night ended with a gorgeous sunset on the beach!!!

These memories that we captured will last a lifetime!!! And that gorgeous face and contagious laugh just warmed my heart!!!

She is sassy and she is sweet…which always makes the best combo in my opinion (I don’t know anyone else like that…cough, cough…ME…hahahaha). But she is going to do big things and I’m so excited to have been part of her journey!!

And thanks to The Vogue of Swansboro of the gorgeous hair and makeup with Sarah!!!

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