October 5, 2019

Fall Make and Take

Holy Cow, did we have fun at our Fall Make and Take Workshop in my studio last week!!!!

We will be doing another one on October 27th…there will be limited seats available, so as soon as you see it posted, make sure you grab one before they are all gone because it will be the last one we do like it this Fall!! (Or just message me and I’ll send you the details so you can get your seat ahead of time!)

We are all trying to ditch and switch the toxins from our homes….so we offered up a Fall Pumpkin Foaming Hand Soap, a Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub that’s so good for our hands and bodies, and then a sample of our Thieves Cleaning Spray. Oh my gosh, the ladies LOVED these!!!! And my studio space smelled like Pumpkin Spice Heaven!!!!!!

Here are a few pics from our fabulous afternoon….join us next time!!

ALL the Fall Faves!!

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