June 4, 2019

Miss Maggie

We had so much fun with Maggie’s shoot in Beaufort!!! It was a beautiful night in downtown and on the water!! She brought beautiful outfits that were so perfect in every way and truly captured her personality and fun spirit!! We found the most fun and out of the way little spots that were fabulous for Maggie’s vibe and looks!!!

We even popped in for a quick tea and quick changed to a really great little place in the downtown area….the business owners in Beaufort are so friendly and gracious!!!

The night had the PERFECT ending when we spied a little swing and planned on doing a quick last shot on it and the owners were sitting across the street on their front porch and yelled over “go ahead, we don’t mind!!” Again, super kind and gracious people!! And one of those last shots was the one that she chose as her big print!!!!

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