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Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

Do you get that pit in your stomach around April when spring fever begins to fill the air because instead of focusing on the beautiful weather or blooming flowers, you are thinking about how you are going to keep your kids entertained and busy while you are working from home?

I feel ya!!! Even though my kids are older now….it’s still a constant juggling act as to how I’m going to get everyone where they need to be while maintaining the constant hum of my business!!

The twins will begin driving this summer…and on the surface you think that will solve a lot of my taxi problems…but in reality it only adds an extra layer of mental anguish and worry!!hahahahaha Trust me, I’ve been there and done that with Grace.

But I thought I’d share my Top 5 Tips to Getting Sh%* Done While Your Kiddos are Home This Summer:

1~ Look at camps that offer something your kiddos will love. These are great because they give the kids something fun and active to do for a period of time throughout the day and then you can use that time to get some seriously focused work in. Don’t use that time to do laundry or walk the dog…that is time for work. It’s amazing what I can get done when I set a timer and get my rear in the office chair. Make it a game if you have to…how much of this work to-do list can I get checked off before I go pick them up from camp?

2~ As our kids got older, they slept in during the summer. Instead of doing the same (which I would have sooooo loved to do) I got up and got a few hours of work in before they started to stir. That was a great time to answer emails, do some photo editing, or blog posts. Then I could feel a little better about walking away to do breakfast and get their day started because I’d already knocked out a few work tasks.

3~ I would barter with them….”I’ll take you to the base pool this afternoon if you give them two hours in my office this morning.” They held up their end of the bargain and I did as well….then we got home from swimming and they were showering and chilling, I’d pop back into my office to get a few more things done or answer emails. That’s where the balance comes in…it’s a trade off.

4~ Stock up on some “Boredom Busters”….it’ll buy you some time and some sanity!! We have always had a craft closet or drawer or cabinet. (We’ve lived in 12 houses…so you work with what you have!! hahahah) But sometimes when I’d need to get a few things done…I’d hear the dreaded…”We’re bored!!” I’d simply direct them to the closet or drawer or cabinet. Will there be a mess…YES…Will you sometimes regret having purchased said crafts…YES…but here’s the thing: limit screen time, have the supplies and it will inspire their creativity, and when there’s nothing else to…they’ll figure it out!!!!

5~ Playdates are amazing!!!! Trade off with a friend and give her some free time and vice versa! And heck, if the kids are awesome, you might get a few things done while you have her kiddos at your house because they are all being entertained!! Win..Win!!

But my biggest tip is don’t close your business during the summer…taking a break will hurt you in the fall. It will take you a while to get started back up and you will have lost huge momentum. Automate or outsource what you can…heck, hire the teenager down the street to come help you a few mornings a week. But don’t just close up shop. Is it hard…YES!! Will you be exhausted…YES!!! But just don’t quit!!!

And one last thing….when you are with your kids at the pool or the playground or the movie or whatever you are doing with them this summer….BE THERE!!! Be all in!!!! Set parameters in your business so that you can be a present mom! Turn it off!!! It’s hard…I know!! But I promise you…you won’t regret it!!!

Here’s to a happy Summer for us all!!!



Working At Home Over the Summer With Your Kids Home is Hard…But It Can Be Done


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