May 14, 2019

Laundry Detergent…How We Did the Ditch & Switch


We are working hard over here and ridding our home of the toxins we’ve been using….

Our family has had some health struggles, so in order to help heal our bodies and prevent further damage, I set out on a quest to do better.

One of the most toxic products we use in our home is laundry detergent. I know that it makes our clothes smell amazing…but it smells amazing because it’s a chemical that attaches to your clothing and lingers. That chemical and fragrance then hangs out against your skin all day, every day. Our skin is somewhat permeable (think hormone creams or nicotine patches…those are things that are put on the skin and absorbed).

When I read about that and then dug deep into a few studies…I decided that it was time to ditch and switch for our family. We also got rid of dryer sheets…again chemicals hanging around in our clothing. So we now use Wool Dryer balls that I put oils on so that our clothing smells nice and to reduce static.

I get questions all the time about how we are making this work for our family…. so I made a quick video to show how we’ve stretched the highly concentrated laundry detergent to last longer than regular detergent!!

Here’s the link to see that video: Click Here

I would LOVE to help you and your family get started as well!! Here’s a link to get your own starter kit or Thieves Laundry Detergent. Feel free to message me or email me for help!!



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