May 20, 2019


This shoot was so special!!! Katherine is a beautiful girl…inside and out!! We had so much fun…on a VERY WINDY night downtown and then out to the beach!!!

But Katherine handled it like a champ and we just moved our locations so that the hair would cooperate!!! hahaha

Katherine grew up here in our little town, so it was extra special that we take her senior portraits downtown to really capture the memories of her childhood. The beach is also another of Katherine’s favorite places…so how fitting that we end our night there chasing the waterline and getting our toes a little sandy!!

Katherine and her mom Diane made my night when they said that they really didn’t want the night to end because of all the fun we were having!!!!! That always warms my heart!!! Because I know that it can be crazy trying to get the clothes together, the hair and makeup done, and then off to our locations….it is a night of fun for the Seniors, it is a night of memory making for moms, and also a realization that their babies are almost gone….(cue the tears) . That’s why I love my job so much….I’m there to document it ALL!! ALL THE EMOTIONS!!! And ALL THE FUN!!!!!

Here’s to a GREAT freshman year Katherine!!!



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