May 22, 2019


Y’all…..this shoot was a riot!!!! If anything could have happened, it did!!!

We had cops show up, a firetruck show up, were almost hit (on the sidewalk mind you) by a semi truck who was delivering food to our downtown area restaurants, were nearly blown away by crazy winds, and then ended our night in the local cemetery because Kim so loved the trees!!

And the said semi truck was actually the reason why the cops and fire dept showed up….his big ole truck pulled down a low hanging power line across Front Street. Mind you…we were literally shooting on Front Street when all of this happened and we were CLUELESS… until we saw the power line draped along the road…geesh!! hahahahaha

But we had so much fun and we laughed our way through the entire night!!! I’ve so missed hanging out with Grayson’s mom Kim…we used to teach together and it was so nice to catch up, chat about school, and then crack jokes through all the crazy mishaps of our photo shoot adventure!!!

Grayson was a trooper through the whole thing…and nothing phased her!!!! Hand burn…she’s good. Witnessing Mrs. Corry being taken out by a semi-truck…she’s good. Having ALL emergency personnel in our little town show up…she’s good. Live power lines…she’s good. Squatting next to a pretty ivy covered fence that also had poison oak on it…she’s good. Posing in a driveway with a gorgeous tree only to have the homeowner (who was a sweet older gentleman) pull in the driveway…she’s good. Hopping into the cemetery to capture a few shots with gorgeous live oaks and the beautiful sunset..she’s good!!!! Grayson was a CHAMP!!!!!!!!!! And boy does she have stories to tell forever about her Senior Shoot!!!!!! Such special moments, laughs, and memories!!

Here’s to a great freshman year Grayson!!!!


Mrs. Corry

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