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North Carolina brand & portrait photographer, essential oils advocate, military wife, and your biggest cheerleader in creating your own better.  Because after all, better is where you belong.  Make yourself at home! 

Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

Brand Photography | Tassels Boutique

When I began planning Iva’s shoot back in September, we looked at all the things that would be coming up for them in this 4th Quarter of the year.  We wanted to make sure we were inviting people into a story with her brand visuals. 

Iva , owner of Tassels Boutique in Morehead City, NC, partnered with Soundside Restaurant for part of our shoot, which they were featured as our location for the Friendsgiving and “Ladies Who Lunch” part of her shoot.  And then we headed over to her boutique to shoot the story of ladies shopping, their gift cards, their wish lists, and complimentary gift wrapping for the holiday season. We also made sure we shot a few images of her staff and Iva in her space all decorated for the holidays!! They are truly a wonderful group of ladies and it’s always a party in their space!!!!  You HAVE to stop by to visit them!!! 

This week, I’m sharing three tips to elevate your brand visuals like a pro!  Get ready to level up your brand shoot game with these tips! These are  the secrets behind content creation with  captivating brand visuals that will uplevel your brand in ways that will attract your ideal customers and clients and set you apart. 

1-  Capture important milestones and launches: Something to always think about when looking to do a brand shoot for your customized and professional brand visuals…it’s important to use launches, sales, and seasons in your business to guide your content. You want to make sure you are taking the time to celebrate moments in your own business but also in your local area and national celebrations. 

2- Reverse engineer your content calendar: By looking ahead to the upcoming quarterly content, launches, sales, and seasons in your business, you can strategically plan your brand shoot to ensure you have the necessary brand assets. Mapping out your content calendar in advance allows you to align your visuals with the key moments and themes that are relevant to your audience.

3- Leverage seasonal opportunities: Utilize the seasons and holidays to guide your brand shoot. Whether it’s showcasing your products or services for specific holidays, creating themed content, or capturing the spirit of a particular season, incorporating seasonal elements adds relevance and freshness to your brand visuals.

Whether it’s a new product release, a service promotion, or a special event, capturing imagery that reflects these milestones creates excitement and anticipation among your audience. These visuals can be used to build anticipation leading up to the launch or to showcase the success and impact afterward.

Remember, taking the time to plan your brand shoot with quarterly content, launches, sales, and seasons in mind ensures that you have a strategic visual storytelling strategy in place that supports your business goals and engages your audience effectively.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know first-hand how valuable it is to have a library of professional, customized brand visuals that truly reflect the essence of your business. I hope these reminders have inspired you to think proactively about planning your brand shoot by looking ahead to your quarterly content, launches, sales, and seasons. By reverse engineering your content calendar, leveraging seasonal opportunities, and capturing important milestones, you can ensure that your brand stays fresh, relevant, and engaging to your audience. As always, keep growing, stay inspired, and never stop creating!

Brand Photography | Tassels Boutique



Brand Photography | Tassels Boutique

Brand Photography

Charlotte Staton, Charlotte Staton Design

"A personal branding photoshoot with Corry was the best decision I have ever made for my growing business."

Julia Sampsel, The Simplified House

"The images from my branding shoot turned out beautifully and have made building my website and online presence so much easier."

Linda St. Amant, Sprinkled Designs

"To anyone thinking of booking with Corry, don't think twice! She truly understands how to make your business shine via photography."

Kimberly Turner, Frosted Cakery

"I knew having professional photos for my business was important, but I didn’t know how huge the impact would actually be! Highly recommend!"

Christy Grifaldo, Grifaldo Properties

"You can't help but smile and laugh the whole time you're shooting with Corry, making it so easy to work with her."

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