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North Carolina brand & portrait photographer, essential oils advocate, military wife, and your biggest cheerleader in creating your own better.  Because after all, better is where you belong.  Make yourself at home! 

Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

I was reading in my “Draw the Circle” devotional today by Mark Batterson (if you haven’t read it, please go get it). Here’s the link. But he writes about a journalist who was circling a career opportunity for an entire year….and she finally got her big break. She was now a journalist in the White House. But as she reflected, she thought about how she was from a farming family and her grandmother only had an 8th grade education, but that God and hard work had determined the steps that had gotten her granddaughter into the doors of the top journalistic positions in our nation.

That story made me think of mine and Kevin’s story and where we came from. We both come from families with grandparents that worked hard in factories, the railroad, or farming. We don’t come from prestigious college lineages or even have parents with advanced degrees. In fact, my grandmother left school in the 9th grade to provide for her family because her mother had abandoned the family and there wasn’t a father in the picture. She was also the grandmother that had an ENORMOUS collection of shoes…and when I used to ask her why she had so many, she would tell me the story of only getting one pair of shoes each year, so when she would wear holes in them, she’d have to put cardboard in the bottoms to just get through until it was time for her new pair. She said if she ever had money, she’d never go without shoes again. She worked in a factory as a seamstress all of her adult life. She made beautiful things with her hands and had so many great stories….but only the opportunity to have an 8th grade education. My own parents worked hard to make sure I had the opportunity to obtain a college degree. And Kevin finished his bachelor’s degree several months before he retired from the Marine Corps. When opportunity knocked…we opened doors and were brave enough to walk through.

I share these stories with you to say that success doesn’t always equal where you came from. And success doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, there are people who are riding the wave of their family name…but there are more people who are successful because of their own mindset and being able and willing to take advantage of the opportunities that came their way.

If you had told me when we were starting out at 19 and 22 years old that we’d one day be celebrating Christmas at a White House Dinner Party with the President and First Lady or that we’d live in so many amazing places or that we’d eventually be a multiple six-figure earning family…I wouldn’t have believed you. Actually…at that age, we thought anything was possible. hahaha…but we surely didn’t dream this up.

We simply did the work. Kept our head in the game. And kept showing up even through the hard days, the disappointments and the setbacks….we kept showing up. Did it take us 27 years to get here…yep, it did. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good things take time. And the right mindset. In fact, I’ve found over the years that business is the easy part…it’s the mindset that takes so much work.

Let me say that again… “Business Is Easy…It’s Our Mindset That’s Hard”. In the beginning, there was a lot to learn and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But 14 years later, what I DO KNOW is that business IS EASY…it’s our mindset that often makes it hard.

Here’s what I know about business:

1- Business is basically seeing a need in the market, creating or providing a solution for that need and telling people about it. Then we put a price on it and accept payment.

Period. End of Story.

Well…not so fast.

There’s more to business than just that…but…

Is it really?!?!?

Actually, that’s truly what business is. We overcomplicate it. We overthink it. We overanalyze it.

So how do we make it simpler?

We get our “head in the game”…hello all my High School Musical fans!!! Where you at?!!? hahaha

But that’s what we have to do. We have to get our mindset straight. So many of our roadblocks, our struggles, and our challenges come from our own minds.

We overthink things. We worry about what people will think or say or do. We spend more money that we know we should. We don’t spend money needed to invest back in our businesses so that it can grow. We add on layers and layers of complicated systems that actually prevent people from working with us because it’s confusing. And we all know that confused people don’t buy. We think we need one more degree or certification. We don’t show up to sell our solutions or services to the world because we are afraid or worried or too tired or think we should do it this way or that way and if it isn’t going to be PERFECT, then we just don’t show up. All of those are mindset issues…NOT issues with your business.

I know sooooo many successful people in business that don’t have an advanced business degree or even a ton of business experience. And the reason they are successful is because they’ve tapped into a community (either online or in their physical community), have effectively communicated how they solve or serve people and they show up consistently with an amazing customer experience. And…they have their head in the game. I can teach you all the simple systems you need to have in your business to make it run smoothly and how to serve the heck out of your customers and have them sharing you with everyone they know…but we also need to work on the mindset piece just as much.

So where do we see mindset issues sneak in within the walls of our businesses?

-when we worry about what will people think

-when we worry about what will people say

-when we are willing to do work for free

-when we struggle to charge what we are worth

-when we have a hard time receiving what is meant for us

-when we intentionally sabotage it because success is scary and playing small is safer

-when we make things harder than they have to be because working hard should be HARD

-when we overwork and don’t fill our own cups back up

-when we …I could go on and on. All of these things make business hard. But they aren’t business things…they are mindset things.

My business partner Melissa and I have watched these things sabotage small business owners for too many years. So we created an amazing retreat and resources (and even more things to come) to help people fall in love with the business side of their business and to once and for all tackle some of these mindset pieces that continue to act as roadblocks….keeping them from all the success that stands on the other side of their “doorway”.

If you are someone who is in the thick of business…or know someone who is…please head over to our website and also check out these FREE resources we have created just for you in this season. We have our Sept Business Reboot Retreat almost sold out…and if one of those last seats are meant for you, please email us or DM us. We will help you make it happen! We want to show you how easy business can be and should be! We also want to help you work through any mindset pieces that may be just the key to unlocking so many opportunities for you and your business!! Let’s do this!


How to Lose a Sale in 10 Ways (hahaha…we love a good movie reference)

There’s plenty of room around this EXACT table for you to do the work in Sept!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on business and mindset!! Because business is easy..it’s mindset that’s hard!



Business Is Easy…It’s Our Mindset That’s Hard


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