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Hi, friend!  I'm Corry.

Branding Stephanie McIntyre | Staircase Event Management This session was so GORGEOUS and to know Stephanie is to love her!!!!!!

Stephanie recently left a 25+ year career with a large festival organization to open her own business….and I’m so dang proud of her!!!! She took years of experience with her as well as a treasure trove of contacts, friendships, and a heart for helping organizations plan their events and secure sponsorships as they raise money for their communities. She’s a literal genius when it comes to planning and sponsorship matchups as well as how to partner with the right sponsors for your event. You want your event attendees to be the right match for your sponsors….and Stephanie taught me all about it while we were planning her shoot and during our day together.

This is one of the things I love most about Branding Photography…I get an insider’s look at businesses and the heart behind who they are and what they do. Then we brainstorm creative ways to visually tell the stories that matter the most to them. These stories are what help us serve our ideal clients in big ways!!! It shows them what it looks like to work with us, how we can help them, and why we are the right person for the job!

When launching a new business, visual assets are so impactful. It’s like a new baby and you want everyone to know about it and see it!! And you truly NEED to get the word out. You have a new website, you need to establish a social media presence, and you have marketing needs that make quality brand visuals imperative. In today’s business market, cell phone images aren’t going to cut it. You need imagery that is professional, personal, and has unique storytelling abilities that highlight who you are and what you do…and more importantly, WHO you are for!!!!! It’s one of the BEST investments you can make when getting started!!!

A few things to consider if you are a new business owner:

1: Great brand visuals help you build brand trust right away. They let people know what it looks like to work with you…how you can serve in ways that no one else can. For Stephanie, we showcased her fun personality with her gorgeous, colorful looks and then actually put her in event settings to show her as the BOSS that she is!!! We even celebrated the fact that she was once a UNC-Chapel Hill cheerleader…look for ways that you can connect with potential clients on a personal level. It’s not true when people say “it’s not personal, it’s business”…it most definitely begins with being personal. We all want to buy from people that we know, like and trust!

2: A brand photo shoot takes the pressure off as a new business owner, and we all know that there is a lot of pressure as we usually start out as a one woman show…trying to wear all the hats. A brand shoot gives you a beautiful library of images, making social media a content creation so much easier!!!!! It’s literally the personalized EASY BUTTON for marketing your business!

3: You aren’t in this all alone when you work with me. I become part of my clients’ teams, helping them with storytelling aspects of their brand and marketing. We dream up great campaigns together and then watch them come to fruition together…side by side…with me cheering them on wildly!!! I dive into the strategy and storytelling components that make up a fabulous and successful brand and we lay about their content buckets and figure out the best way to showcase what they do as they begin calling in new clients. Your brand photo shoot isn’t simply a photo shoot, it’s filled to the brim with marketing and brand development components that will help you as you launch, pivot and GROW!!!!!!

All of this was absolutely captured in Stephanie’s brand shoot!! She is a true POWERHOUSE and her years of experience have been beautifully translated to this new venture. So while it’s a new business, she’s bringing ALL of her skills and experience with her for added VALUE to her clients!!! Go give Stephanie a follow and watch her shine!!!!! (PS..she also gives really great event planning tips on social media!)

Staircase Event Management can be found here!

Over on instagram: @staircaseeventmanagement

Location: CFP Studio & The Cottage

Painting: Michelle Bradley Robertson

You’re going to LOVE Stephanie for all of your event planning needs!!!!

Enjoy this inspiration!!



Branding Stephanie McIntyre | Staircase Event Management

Branding Stephanie McIntyre | Staircase Event Management

Brand Photography

Charlotte Staton, Charlotte Staton Design

"A personal branding photoshoot with Corry was the best decision I have ever made for my growing business."

Julia Sampsel, The Simplified House

"The images from my branding shoot turned out beautifully and have made building my website and online presence so much easier."

Linda St. Amant, Sprinkled Designs

"To anyone thinking of booking with Corry, don't think twice! She truly understands how to make your business shine via photography."

Kimberly Turner, Frosted Cakery

"I knew having professional photos for my business was important, but I didn’t know how huge the impact would actually be! Highly recommend!"

Christy Grifaldo, Grifaldo Properties

"You can't help but smile and laugh the whole time you're shooting with Corry, making it so easy to work with her."

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