September 16, 2019

I LOVE Working With Inspiring Women…

I met Amy through a mutual friend and I am so glad I did!!! She has quite the story and is an amazing woman!!!!

She’s a mom, a wife, and a badass Marine. Pregnancy in and of itself is tough…but add to that being a Marine and she just totally ROCKS IT!!!!!

Amy contacted me to do some headshots for her to use with work and for other projects and then when I saw her cute baby bump, I was like wellllllll….we need to do just a few maternity shots. So we did a combo and shot some so that you couldn’t tell she was pregnant so she can use them at a later date….but then we got a few of that sweet belly!!!

Y’all….these images are so important for telling your story, sharing your Why, and moving the needle in life and in business!!!

And if nothing else, they are legacy moments because moms usually don’t exist in pictures. Capture these moments…you’ll never regret it!!



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